ASK contactless cards & tickets selected for the whole AFC Dutch system

ASK contactless cards & tickets selected for the whole AFC Dutch system

Sophia-Antipolis, Aug. 1st, 2004–ASK was selected by Thalès, System Integrator for the global system, to supply the contactless cards and tickets for the Dutch public transports.

The Netherlands will be one of the first countries in the world to have a full contactless AFC system on their whole public transportation network. The Dutch e-ticketing project under the supervision of Trans Link System (TLS) project involves a consortium of the 5 largest transit operators in the Netherlands and should be starting in Rotterdam in fall 2004 to spread to the other cities by 2006. Over 2 million passengers daily should be thus traveling by train, metro, bus, boat or tramway.

The card based on the Philips Mifare® 4K chip replaces current season cards whereas CTS512A ASK contactless paper tickets will be used for occasional users. Travellers will be able to use a single card or ticket to travel around the country whatever the transport type and benefit at the same time from all the advantages of contactless technology that combine security, ergonomics and high speed, states Emeric d’Argoeuves, Project Manager at ASK.

This market comforts the choice of the « silver silk printed antenna on paper » technology developed by ASK. This technology is already used by more than 25 millions end users to date. ASK developed a full range of contactless cards based on Philips chips including UltraLight, 1 Kbyte and 4 Kbytes memory size chips.

Secure, easy, fast:

Along with this brand new AFC system, operators have installed the network with gates. It is then only available to passengers holding a valid ticket thus making the environment safer. Cards may be easily reloadable in vending machines or current points of sales with several means of payment. “No need to run to the post office or rummage in your pockets or wallet to look for change before hopping on the bus anymore, Chipkaart card is interoperable and rechargeable, states Xavier Bon, Vice President Sales & Marketing at ASK.” Fast, contactless technology allows you to lower queues drastically and holders can leave their cards in their wallet, purse or school bag to validate.

We are happy to be part of the renewal of the Dutch AFC system and we hope this business case will spread widely throughout Europe in the coming years. Mass transit future is no doubt contactless as it brings interoperability and evolving solutions in today’s city world, sums up Emeric d’Argoeuves.

About ASK:

Founded in 1997, ASK is today the world leading manufacturer of dual interface contact/contactless smart cards, contactless paper tickets and RFID smart paper labels. ASK developed the largest range of contactless products available on the market. It is based on a patented silver silk printed antenna on a paper inlay for mass transit AFC systems, access control, identification and logistics applications. ASK also offers a range of fixed and hand-held readers in its portfolio, OEM couplers, printers and a POS terminal. These products comply with ISO7816, ISO14443 A&B, ISO15693 and UHF standards. The company has already supplied over 25 million contactless cards and contactless paper tickets for use in more 100 towns and cities in Europe, Asia and the USA. Clients include the French railway company SNCF and Paris transport system operator RATP and transport operators such as Toronto, San Francisco, Lisbon, Lyon, Venice, Naples, Rome, Taipei, Nice and Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr region.

The manufacturing plant is located in Sophia-Antipolis, France and regional offices in Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, Singapore, Taiwan and USA. In October 2001 ASK announced that it acquired the Motorola smart cards division.