ASK launches new contactless USB reader RDR 400 series

ASK launches new contactless USB reader RDR 400 series

High speed, low cost, universal readers respond to demand in emerging markets

Sophia-Antipolis, January 10, 2006–ASK launches the RDR 400 series of contactless USB readers, designed for performance, security and ergonomics. RDR 400 readers are ideal for contactless logical/physical access control, identity, banking and PC-based applications.

Smart new technology

Based on CPL 400 couplers, the RDR 400 series is high speed, low cost, multi-standard and multi-application; its unique and powerful RF interface means that RDR 400 readers support all current ISO dual interface/contactless cards and contactless tickets. RDR 400 has passed successfully e-passport Interfest interoperability tests taking place in November in Singapore. These tests involved 124 different passports complying with ISO14443 type A or B standards from 28 countries to be tested on 40 readers. ASK reader reached the best performances both in terms of interoperability and communication speed.

Emerging market demands

ASK is breaking new ground in emerging markets such as e-identity and banking where clients need technology partners with superlative expertise in both RFID card and reader technology. “We develop new technology like the RDR 400 in direct response to global market demand.

E-passports are becoming mandatory for ICAO members, and banks around the world are switching to smart contactless cards, so we have developed the finest range of secure and low cost readers on the market” says Michel Leduc, Hardware Product Marketing Manager, ASK.


  • ISO14443 & ISO15693 compliant: fully interoperable, multi-application interface
  • User friendly: USB power supply, with 3 LED indicators
  • Compatible with all Windows® operating systems
  • Communication speed: 106 Kb/s to 847 Kb/s
  • Secure data exchange: embedded SAM slot for cryptographic modules or keys
  • Tiny coupler (80 x 51.5mm) can be easily integrated into various environments
  • Software Development Kit for System Integrators
  • High power, class 1 RF interface for optimized communication performance and suitable communication range with all types of cards

About ASK

Founded in 1997, ASK is now the supplier of the most comprehensive range of contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags and readers on the market. All products comply with ISO and EPC standards. ASK addresses the mass transit, access control, e-government ID, supply chain and logistics markets. 50 million contactless cards, tickets and RFID labels are already in use worldwide. ASK’s manufacturing plant is located at its Sophia-Antipolis headquarters in France, with regional offices in Paris, Singapore and Westport, USA.