ASK to deliver 4 million RFID smart labels for US and European libraries

ASK to deliver 4 million RFID smart labels for US and European libraries

Bibliotheca and ASK enter strategic partnership to offer a complete library RFID system

Westport, Feb. 28, 2005–ASK, a worldwide leading manufacturer of RFID products, has been selected by Bibliotheca, Europe #1 RFID library system provider to supply C.label, a unique RFID smart paper label, to American and European public libraries.

ASK labels are based on its core technology of a printed 13.56 Mhz silver ink antenna on paper and direct flip chip embedding process. A scalable and high volume capacity manufacturing chain combined with low cost materials offer librarians cost effective and reliable labels for books, CDs, DVDs and video tapes. ASK has already supplied specific labels and readers to more than 20 French, Italian and German libraries over the last 4 years and has therefore gained a valuable experience within this market segment.

“Our companies are both experts in their domain, ASK has been dedicated to RFID since its creation and Bibliotheca to libraries so our products and expertise are totally complementary, says Alain Jiongo, RFID library project manager at ASK. Our offer can help librarians enhance their value added services and focus on their real activity that is assist a wide variety of publics in their media choice and at the same time protect their assets, he adds.”

Bibliotheca provides the back office and system of the implementation including security gates, self check in/check out stations or automatic book return and sorter system. ASK brings in C.scan, a light and convenient hand held readers for inventory, OEM readers for each station and C.label family suitable to every media of the library assets.

“ASK labels are based on a unique silver ink printed antenna on paper, an electronic paper which really attracted us in terms of performance and suitability for library items. These smart paper labels are manufactured in a reel to reel process and tested online, this ensures high yield and high production rate, says Christian Moos, Operations Manager at Bibliotheca.”

About ASK

Founded in 1997, ASK is today the leading supplier of a comprehensive range of contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags and readers, complying with ISO and EPC standards. They address the mass transit, access control and e-government ID markets as well as the supply chain and logistics market. 50 million RFID cards, tickets and labels are already in use worldwide. Manufacturing is located in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Local offices are based in Paris, Singapore, Taiwan and Westport, USA.

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About Bibliotheca

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Bibliotheca is a leading provider of RFID technology products to libraries. Its installed systems manage the circulation and inventory of a combined total of nearly 40 million items. The company’s American headquarters are located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Bibliotheca designs, manufacturers and services RFID library systems through an international network of employees and distributors.