Bell ID announces support for the next generation of contactless payment cards

Bell ID announces support for the next generation of contactless payment cards

ANDiS4EMV will support Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass and assist contactless card issuers as they migrate from magnetic stripe based to chip-based contactless cards

Rotterdam, October 23, 2007–Bell ID today announces further enhancements to ANDiS4EMV–launching a contactless solution, which offers current and aspiring contactless card issuers a simple and easy way to issue Visa payWave (MSD, qVSDC) and MasterCard PayPass (mag stripe, M/Flex) contactless payment cards.

Bell ID’s solution provides banks with a set of highly advanced and flexible EMV components that can be implemented in phases to meet the banks’ particular needs and requirements. Whether it’s for simple EMV data preparation, EMV parameter management, EMV scripting, cryptographic key management, single or multi application management or Post Issuance Personalisation, Bell ID’s ANDiS4EMV contactless provides a solution.

Adding contactless capability to the ANDiS4EMV solution portfolio was in response to a number of payment schemes informing their members earlier this year that they will need to move to a more secure, but also more complex contactless technology. The new contactless electronic payment applications will require issuers to change their card production processes for their contactless card product. Bell ID’s ANDiS4EMV contactless solution provides banks with an easy approach to addressing these changes and resolves the production change requirements in different scenarios, reflecting the individual situations and future plans of the banks.

The ANDiS4EMV contactless option provides an out of the box solution that can be implemented quickly. It also provides scalability for potential growth, with the opportunity to extend the system to address other issues, such as:

  • Issuing contactless applications on NFC enabled mobile phones
  • Personalising and managing additional contactless applications
  • Data preparation
  • EMV scripting to enable offline contactless transactions.

Erik Vermeer, Technical Director of Bell ID comments: “We are very proud to be the first Card and Application Management solution to address the changes required for the next generation of contactless payment applications. An increasing number of issuers realise that managing the secure issuance of their payment card products is really something they want to keep in-house, so we have developed an easy to implement solution for the upcoming migration to qVSDC and M/Flex. A significant benefit of migrating from magnetic stripe-based contactless cards to EMV-based contactless cards is global interoperability. As different regions will set different security requirements for contactless cards, it is possible that contactless cards issued in one region will not work in other regions. Both qVSDC and M/Flex provide the flexibility to overcome this situation and we have been very encouraged by the positive response from the market.”

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