Bell ID Joins EMV Migration Forum

Bell ID Joins EMV Migration Forum

02 November 2012 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)–Leading smart token management solution provider, Bell ID, has joined the EMV® Migration Forum, an independent, cross-industry organisation started by the Smart Card Alliance, to help drive forward and support the implementation of EMV payments technology in the United States (U.S.).

With experience gained in the smart card, payments and mobile sectors worldwide, Bell ID will contribute its extensive knowledge of provisioning and managing the delivery of secure services to end-users via chip-based technologies on plastic cards and in mobile near field communication (NFC)-enabled devices.

The EMV Migration Forum’s [or Forum’s] objective is to stimulate the use of secure chip-based technology in North America. The launch of its latest forum provides a central hub for the U.S. payments community to effectively discuss and agree how EMV technology should be implemented across the country. The forum brings together payment systems, banks and financial institutions, product manufacturers and key actors in the NFC ecosystem, to ensure interoperability, security and consumer usability of secure-chip technology.

Pat Curran, Executive Chairman at Bell ID, comments: “Four of the major payment systems have communicated their EMV roadmaps for the U.S. Each highlights the value secure chips bring beyond plastic payment cards to a world of NFC-based mobile payments. The U.S. has a unique opportunity to create an innovative secure EMV infrastructure that not only supports payment-related mobile contactless transactions, but also payment enabling services, such as redemption of coupons. The ability to deliver such value added services will offer real customer convenience and drive the next generation of payment technology.”

Bell ID recognises the important role the Forum is playing in the U.S payments market. Curran explains: “This inter-industry body is facilitating important discussions and work groups that will ensure consistent, clear and educated decisions can be made by industry stakeholders across the country. We very much look forward to contributing our time and expertise at such an exciting time.”

Randy Vanderhoof, Acting Director of the EMV Migration Forum and Executive Director at Smart Card Alliance, adds: “As the US takes important steps forward in its move towards EMV, we welcome Bell ID to the group and look forward to its participation in the forum during this critical time.”

Bell ID also joined the Smart Card Alliance in April 2012. Its EMV token management product range enables banks and financial institutions to implement and manage the complete lifecycle of EMV payment solutions globally. Its solutions are compliant with the worldwide EMV standard for credit and debit payment cards, outlined by EMVCo – the global standards body owned by American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa – and works harmoniously with traditional plastic card-based and more innovative NFC-enabled mobile devices.

To view Bell ID’s explanatory video of its EMV Token Manager, please click here: