Brussels now enjoys contactless with ASK cards and tickets

Brussels now enjoys contactless with ASK cards and tickets

Paris, Cartes show, November 13, 2007–STIB, the Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles, the largest Belgian urban public transport company launches MoBIB teleticketing system based on ASK dual interface cards and C.ticket®, ASK contactless paper ticket for multimodal traveling in the city. Innovative in its customer-oriented features, MoBIB is an open-standard Calypso contactless smart card to be interoperable in the Europe-wide Triangle project where the same card will link Brussels, Paris, London, Porto and Funchal.

MoBIB: a multimodal and multiapplication medium

MoBIB is a multiapplication and multimodal contactless season ticket that can be used on STIB network and soon on the other transportation networks of the city. It can be reloaded with customized contracts in various points of sales. Thanks to a flexible structure, the card can hold mass transit and contracts related to other mobility activities or events. One single card provides Brussels’ inhabitants with access to transportation, museum, car park and later on car sharing services. Memory space is reserved for new services to join in making Brussels a pioneer of seamless and user-friendly contactless ticketing system.

Etienne Graindor, General delegate of the ticketing division at STIB declares, “MoBIB innovative feature lies in the possibility to load a contract at validators with the ePurse functionality. People will be able to be on a ‘green list’ and load contracts with bank transfers. This paves the way to a payment and transport application on the same card.”

C.ticket for museums, transport and bike rental

ASK C.ticket®, a contactless paper ticket is the elegant and cost effective way to serve occasional users, foreign business men and tourists with the same level of services as card holders. Brussels is also one of the first European city to experiment self service bikes rental, JC Decaux service that has inspired Paris Velib’ project. And this ticket will allow occasional users to enjoy public transport within the city and the suburbs in the coming years.

“Our technology based on a silver ink printed antenna on paper and die attach chip has proven successful for more than 10 years now,” says Christophe Peix, Area Sales manager at ASK. “Our products, all based on the same process, are environment friendly; this is all the most important as environmental issues become government and citizens’ real concerns. Paper is biodegradable and silver ink is recycled through the ecological service we provide for used cards and tickets,” he adds.

Triangle: a European-wide project

In a world where mobility goes far beyond our countries’ frontiers, interoperability of public transport has become part of a Europe-wide plan to facilitate citizen mobility in large capital cities. The same contactless card could be used in Brussels, Paris, London, Porto or Funchal public transport networks through shared applications. When travelling abroad in one of these cities, the card holder loads a contract on his own card, for instance MoBIB will contain a temporary “Carte Orange or Navigo pass” contract. Since it is paid locally to the local operator, there is no need for a compensation system.

About ASK

Founded in 1997, ASK is today a worldwide leading supplier of contactless cards, tickets, RFID tags, ePassport inlays and readers addressing the mass transit, access control, banking, e-Identity and supply chain markets. More than 100 million contactless products are already in service. ASK is a France-based company with worldwide customers and wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, Singapore and China.

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