Cardtek Partners with TableSafe to Assist with Pay-at-the-Table Security Compliance Standards

Cardtek Partners with TableSafe to Assist with Pay-at-the-Table Security Compliance Standards

International Payment Solutions Provider Accelerates EMV Certification of RAIL Payment Platform

San Jose, Calif. and Seattle, Wash. – October 24, 2017 – Cardtek, the world’s leading provider of innovative end-to-end payment solutions and technology, today announced its partnership with TableSafe Inc., maker of the first EMV-certified and PCI compliant pay-at-the-table platform for full-service restaurants and the broader hospitality industry, to assist with payment industry security compliance and to help TableSafe streamline EMV certification of the RAIL™ payment platform.

Cardtek provides EMV Contact and Contactless Level 2 Kernel software, integration, and certification, enabling transactions at any EMV or contactless terminal.  Cardtek’s US-based team has been providing EMV L2 Kernel solutions for over 15 years.

“Cardtek’s experience and insight has been invaluable to our EMV certification effort,” said Steve McKean, President of TableSafe.  “They will continue to play a critical advisor role as we deliver the first EMV-certified pay-at-the-table solution that’s designed specifically for the full-service restaurant industry.”

The EMV liability shift exposes full-service restaurants to an increase in chargebacks, which can negatively impact their bottom line.  Until now, full-service restaurant operators have not had a solution certified to accept EMV cards using a pay-at-the-table format.  TableSafe has broken down this barrier, providing an EMV-ready solution that blends seamlessly with normal table service.

The low-profile RAIL is an easy to use device housed inside a patented billfold that replicates the traditional leather folio commonly used by full-service restaurants to deliver guests’ checks. Once the billfold is opened, this payment agnostic platform enables guests to securely self-pay with their credit card or Samsung Pay® – and soon will offer the ability to pay with other mobile apps, including Apple Pay® and Android Pay®.  It also allows guests to auto-calculate tips, split the bill multiple ways, and receive email receipts.  Once the payment process is complete, the RAIL enables guests to provide real-time feedback on their dining experience, enabling the restaurant to gain valuable insights on their food and service.

“TableSafe is setting a new standard for pay-at-the-table technology in the hospitality industry and we’re very excited to play a role in helping the company achieve EMV certification of the RAIL payment platform,” said Ayse Sarigollu, Chairwoman at Cardtek. “This is the future of payments for full-service restaurants.”

About Cardtek

Since 2001, Cardtek has provided innovative end-to-end payment solutions to more than 150 customers in 25 countries, including financial institutions, processors, telecom operators, personalization bureaus, retailers, terminal and card vendors, and public transportation authorities.  Cardtek is a leading player in emerging mobile payment, open-loop transit and wearable payment technologies.  With 15 years of experience in EMV, Cardtek is offering well-established solutions to the US market from its new Silicon Valley Office.  For more information, visit

About TableSafe, Inc.

TableSafe is transforming the way restaurants and other venues complete their hospitality service.  TableSafe provides a secure and innovative payment platform that enables guests to fully execute the payment process at the table while maintaining control of their payment information at all times.  TableSafe’s RAIL™ payment platform offers the versatility to accept any form of payment directly at the table, including chip-enabled credit cards (EMV), traditional magstripe cards and mobile phone (NFC) based software applications – all with the security of point-to-point encryption (P2PE). The RAIL also increases restaurant revenue, table turn and staff efficiency by minimizing trips between the customer and POS system,  enabling the staff to  focus on the dining guest.  Visit for more information.