CipherPass Licenses USB Tokens and Smart Cards From Raak Technologies

CipherPass Licenses USB Tokens and Smart Cards From Raak Technologies

Agreement Enables CipherPass’ C~keys to Deliver Strong Two-Factor User Authentication Mobile Solution

LOS ANGELES, CA, and AUSTIN, TX, December 7, 2005–CipherPass Corporation (OTC: CPHC.PK) announces an OEM licensing agreement with Raak Technologies, Inc., an emerging leader of strong authentication products and services. Raak’s RaakSign products will be integrated with C~keys, CipherPass’ latest release within the C~suite solution set. C~keys provides users strong two-factor authentication that is as easy to use as a banking ATM card.

CipherPass’ C~suite solution set includes: C~safe (simplifies digital ID deployments); C~mail (automatically configures email clients, such as Outlook and GroupWise, to immediately use digital IDs for secure, encrypted email); C~vault (file and folder data encryption tool that mimics Microsoft Windows’ My Documents); and C~keys (USB and smart card tokens to securely store users’ digital IDs). The new partnership enables CipherPass to further broaden its C~keys capabilities for secure and trusted computing.

In addition to securing users’ digital IDs on either USB or smart card tokens, C~keys, integrated with RaakSign, also provides a new Windows logon interface that replaces the typical username and password for logging onto the computer. Simply insert either the USB key or smart card and enter a secret PIN and Windows logs on the user. Conversely, C~keys can be configured so that if the key is removed, the system can either lock the computer, logoff the user or shutdown the system. It is amazingly simple and incredibly powerful.

“The combination of C~suite’s robust data protection capabilities integrated with the RaakSign strong mobile authentication product line results in a formidable trusted computing solution,” states Glen Day, CEO of CipherPass. “RaakSign’s PKI-centric technologies elevates C~suite to a higher level that is even more secure and much more mobile. We’re sincerely excited about the Raak partnership and opportunities.”

CipherPass recently announced the launch of C~keys to help mitigate the consumer identity thefts associated with online banking. However, C~keys is also directly applicable to the numerous nationwide compliance mandates such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and California Senate Bill 1386. Information systems that store confidential data that allows access via weak authentication protocols, such as passwords, are too simple to breach. The rampant numbers of phishing scams, spyware incidents and stolen laptops have resulted in the compromise of millions of individuals’ financial and health records in 2005 alone. C~keys delivers a strong two-factor authentication approach to help address these issues while respecting the users’ needs of “keeping it simple and making it affordable.”

“We are extremely pleased with our new partnership with CipherPass,” said Dan Cunningham, Raak Technologies’ President and CEO. “They provide a unique solution that addresses the key challenges of PKI. Their C~suite solution simplifies the deployment and use of digital certificates for protecting data and validating identities. Users appreciate the added security of using their digital IDs without having to understand the technology behind it. We’re pleased to provide a higher level of security to C~keys with our RaakSign product line.”

About CipherPass Corporation

CipherPass Corporation (CipherPass) is a digital security technology company that provides enterprise-class security solutions. Through its product and service portfolio, CipherPass enables businesses to securely share sensitive or confidential electronic information among internal staff, as well as with their business associates and customers. CipherPass has partnered with the leading global providers in the management and distribution of trusted digital certificates which offers significant cost reductions for deploying and managing digital certificates. CipherPass’ C~suite security solution helps to simplify the process of users securing and sending private digital data within files and emails. C~suite is an effective solution for addressing companies’ privacy and security compliance initiatives for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA and SB1386. For more information and to view product demos, please visit CipherPass is a FutureVest, Inc. (OTC:FTVT.PK) portfolio investment (

About Raak Technologies

Based in Austin, Texas, Raak Technologies, Inc. is a privately held firm that provides products and services that enable the deployment of strong authentication. Raak’s solution is built around RaakSign, a powerful and cost effective middleware solution for USB Tokens and smart cards. By implementing RaakSign an organization can securely store their digital certificates and keys on a USB Token or smart card for use with any standards based Digital Certificate capable application, including Windows Log On, VPN Authentication, Web Access, WLAN Security and E-mail Signing & Encryption. See also