Comodo Group and Wave Systems Partner To Offer ESIGN Solutions Securely Online To Government and Corporations

Comodo Group and Wave Systems Partner To Offer ESIGN Solutions Securely Online To Government and Corporations

Wave Systems Corp. (Nasdaq: WAVX –, a leader in secure hardware and software computing solutions and services, today announced it is partnering with the Comodo Group, the leading Internet security specialist which provides next generation E-commerce security solutions, to offer the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for managing processes and transactions securely online.

Wave Systems’ SignOnline offers the eSign Transaction Management (eTM) Suite, which allows organizations to manage business processes and transactions entirely online, without the need for time-consuming and costly ink signatures and paper storage, overnight mail or expensive traditional delivery services. The eTM Suite is flexible, with modular components that can be easily customized to suit an organization’s specific requirements. With eTM Suite, organizations can create, sign, store, access and manage the lifecycle of legally-binding electronic records, all within the legal standards set by ESIGN, UETA, Revised Article 9 of the UCC, SPeRS and GPEA.

Comodo Ltd., the certificate services company of Comodo Group, offers industry leading X509 services to enterprises worldwide. Comodo Ltd. is the fastest growing certificate services company in the world. Fully integrated with the eTM Suite, Comodo’s ePKI Manager allows for complete lifecycle management of an enterprise’s digital certificates. Issuing and managing X509 v3 certificates in real time to internal employees, client, partners and suppliers via the eTM Smart Identity Services platform. This partnership allows internal paper flows such as expense reports to be digitally managed, external contracts and purchase orders to be facilitated by the speed of the Internet, and all legally binding with the use of a digital signature.

“Partnering our outsourced PKI services and more specifically our ePKI certificate platform with WAVE builds a complete signing solution for enterprises worldwide. The depth of this application in meeting the legal requirements of online commerce is fantastic. Coupled with our outsourced certificate platform, enterprises can today transform their business process and start realizing huge cost savings,” said Jim Whiffin, Managing Director of Comodo Ltd.

Comodo will resell Wave’s eTM Suite portfolio as a part of their growing range of products, services and applications. Comodo provides software, hardware and certificate-based security to the home and business users. By recognizing that trust and security are fundamental to successful online business, Comodo has released a number of core standards-based products and solutions to ensure enterprises can take full advantage of privacy, security, trust and confidence.

“Comodo is a company with global momentum in the online trust and security market,” said Kelly Purcell, Wave’s vice president, enterprise solutions. “Our joint offer is a complete solution for customers and represents a large potential market for both companies. Wave’s eTM Suite is the emerging leader in e-vault, e-sign, PKI-based identity and integration services; and, Comodo’s ePKI is the emerging leader in outsourced digital certificate services. Together we form a nexus to deliver a true solution to enterprises globally.”

Wave’s eTM Suite consists of SmartSignature™, SmartSAFE™, SmartIdentity™ Services, SmartConnect™, the SMARTDoc™ Mortgage Banking Module and the EMBASSY® Module.

The SmartSignature application is a download that uses digital certificates in a point and click signing process. SmartSAFE stores digitally signed, legally-binding contracts in a document depository. SmartIdentity Services validates the identity of parties involved through a PKI-based identity application using an Equifax® patented process. The eTM Suite SmartConnect solution offers web services for integration with other applications such as workflow, legacy systems and CRM. The eTM Suite is enhanced with modular functionality addressing industry specific opportunities, including a paperless mortgage process and SmartSignature via Wave’s EMBASSY Trusted Client solution. For more information on these solutions, please link to

About Comodo Group

Comodo ( is a leading Internet security specialist and provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions. Through a growing range of products, services and applications developed by its dedicated research lab, Comodo provides software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate based security. Since launching its SSL solutions in March 2002, Comodo has experienced growing success as an SSL Provider. Comodo has been responsible for intensifying competition and enlivening the SSL industry.

After its first months of issuing SSL Certificates, Comodo has quickly become the 3rd largest Certification Authority in the world. For product information please contact US (720) 904-9120 or Europe +44 (0) 1622 832700 or visit the Comodo Home Page at

About Wave Systems

Wave Systems is a leader in trusted hardware and software computing solutions and services. Our offers include the SignOnline® eSign Transaction Management Suite, a complete web-based solution for paperless transactions. Wave has also developed hardware-based EMBASSY® Trusted Client technology, TrustEdge hardware products and TCPA-compliant EMBASSY software services as foundation elements for trusted computing. Wave’s TrustEdge product line is a comprehensive set of hardware, software, development tools and infrastructure that allows manufacturers of input devices to develop trusted platforms which are flexible and programmable to support authentication, logon, and identity vault requirements. TrustEdge-enabled input devices are able to handle multi-factor authentication and identity credentials including passwords/PINs, smart cards, magnetic stripe cards and tokens. TrustEdge can be integrated into a wide range of input devices such as keyboards, smart card readers, biometric readers, cell phones and GPS sensors. For more information about Wave Systems, visit

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