CoreStreet and Salamander Technologies Announce Partnership

CoreStreet and Salamander Technologies Announce Partnership

Provider of Personnel Accountability Solutions Integrates CoreStreet PIVMAN Technology to Expand Incident Capability

Cambridge, Mass. and Traverse City, MI, September 30, 2009–CoreStreet, the leader in credential validation solutions, and Salamander Technologies, the leading provider of personnel accountability solutions, today announced they have formed a partnership to further enhance the unified incident command functionality of Salamander’s interTRAX Suite™. Under terms of the agreement, Salamander Technologies has CoreStreet-Enabled™ its interTRAX Suite by integrating the CoreStreet PIVMAN technology throughout their new interTRAX PIV 3.0 solution, and will offer the enhanced capabilities as an add-on component. The combined solution is already installed in customer locations in Colorado, Michigan, and soon in Illinois.

The CoreStreet PIVMAN technology provides Salamander Technologies with an interoperability layer between local accountability and identity solutions and the federal emergency response infrastructure put in place in accordance with the mandates of HSPD-12 and H.R.-1.

Salamander’s interTRAX suite integrates the elements of identification, incident, and interoperability into a comprehensive solution for tracking resources at an incident, event, or disaster. It also combines the latest in automatic identification technologies with standard incident command procedures under the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

The CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution collects attributes and qualifications from authoritative sources for Emergency Response Officials (EROs). This provides incident commanders with the most current information for utilizing EROs and granting access to disaster sites during mutual aid response scenarios. It also utilizes National Response Framework Emergency Support Function (ESF) codes and National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Sector numbers for attributes, as defined by the National Preparedness Directorate within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“From our perspective, this partnership is an instance of one plus one equaling three,” said John Bys, executive vice president, CoreStreet. “By leveraging the CoreStreet PIVMAN infrastructure, Salamander Technologies can share locally managed emergency responder capabilities and skill sets across local, state and federal jurisdictions and systems. Now, in multi-jurisdictional mutual aid response events, life safety decisions can be made on the spot, regardless of environmental conditions, including those situations where external communications do not exist. With these tools, on-scene commanders have the vetted decision-making ERO qualifications from trustworthy sources–allowing them to efficiently and effectively deploy those who are most qualified.”

“Our vision is to create a simple, scalable, and survivable system for interagency personnel accountability–from the tag to the web–that complies with federal mandates for NIMS and Personal Identity Verification (PIV),” said Joseph Robinson, vice president of marketing and sales, Salamander Technologies. “Joining forces with CoreStreet has enabled us to bring our vision of a standards-based, validation infrastructure in line with NIMS-based on-scene accountability.”

About Salamander Technologies, Inc.

Salamander Technologies, Inc.,, maker of the interTRAX™ Suite, is the nation’s leading provider of personnel accountability solutions. Combining manual accountability with an electronic incident command solution, Salamander Technologies offers a simple, scalable, NIMS compliant solution for incident management–which is now fully FIPS 201 and PIV-I compliant. The founders of Salamander Technologies, Inc., President Russ Miller and Vice President Mike Whelan, are also known for their landmark work: Resource Accountability Guide for First Responders.

About CoreStreet

Every day, the world’s most demanding government and commercial enterprises rely on CoreStreet technology to authorize critical events, ranging from signed communications and transactions to physical access. More information, including technical whitepapers, industry solution studies and a list of the patents awarded to the company is available at