CoreStreet to Provide Credential Validation Infrastructure to Saudi Arabian Government

CoreStreet to Provide Credential Validation Infrastructure to Saudi Arabian Government

CoreStreet joins partner Entrust to deliver e-government solution to protect 27 million citizens

Cambridge, Mass., January 14, 2008–CoreStreet, a leader in software for smart credential and convergence programs, today announced that the Saudi Arabian Government will be using CoreStreet’s validation technology as a key component in its new national ID card initiative.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s strategic e-government initiative needed a strong security foundation to instill trust in its more citizen-centric environment–especially as it rolled out its new national ID card initiative,” said Andrew Pinder, Entrust Global Head of Government. “With the assistance of CoreStreet, Entrust will be able to secure the foundation for yet another e-government initiative that will facilitate an environment of interoperability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for enterprises, government agencies and citizens.”

The CoreStreet Validation Authority provides a complete solution that enables digital certificate validation for secure, legally-binding communications, physical access and other transactions. The solution uses Distributed Online Certificate Status Protocol (D-OCSP) to provide the validation services in a scalable, secure and cost effective manner.

“With the rapid growth in PKI-based smart cards, validation has become essential. Nowhere is this more evident than in the government smart credential market,” said CoreStreet CEO Chris Broderick. “Deploying a credential infrastructure on the scale required by the Saudi national ID project is a difficult task requiring specialized expertise in many different areas. That’s why we’re joining our partner Entrust to bring our market-leading distributed validation technology to this important program.”

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