CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System for Secure ID Checking Delivers Critical Application for Government Smart Credentials

CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System for Secure ID Checking Delivers Critical Application for Government Smart Credentials

First Application to Leverage FIPS 201 Infrastructure to Address Essential Security Need

Cambridge, Mass., September 12, 2006–CoreStreet, the leader in infrastructure and applications for smart credential and convergence programs, today announced the availability of its PIVMAN™ System, the first product to deliver on the promise of the newly-issued government smart credentials. The PIVMAN System is a suite of software and hardware that enables credential checking of any compliant cardholder, in any environment.

The PIVMAN System is designed to meet the security needs of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other federal, state and local agencies deploying smart credentials based on the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201). This system, which consists of software for back-end servers and handheld devices, leverages the extensive FIPS 201 IT infrastructure, meaning that any issued card is automatically enrolled in the PIVMAN System.

“Government agencies are nearing the finish line for compliance with FIPS 201, but now one large question looms: where are the applications?” said Chris Broderick, CEO of CoreStreet. “The PIVMAN System is the first product that puts this enormous infrastructure investment to work. With PIVMAN, we see that these smart credentials and the associated infrastructure enable critical applications.”

Organizations can also map individual privileges found in HR-style databases, such as level of training, certifications and rank to credential holders. The PIVMAN System collects this information, links it to the cardholder identity, and distributes the data to handheld devices in the field. Those tasked with site management use the information displayed on-screen when making access decisions.

“PIVMAN offers organizations a way to set up secure perimeters on the fly. When an event happens, they need to ensure that the right personnel get to the right locations,” added Broderick. “No other technology on the market today can use the FIPS 201 infrastructure to ensure both security and access without relying on network connections. The reality is, a network connection is not always available.”

Field tested by the DHS

The PIVMAN System has played a key role in recent homeland security exercises run by the DHS, including Winter Fox, Eligible Bridge and the DHS Maritime Port Interoperability Exercise. The exercises demonstrated that individuals from multiple organizations and jurisdictions could have the status of their government-issued smart credentials accurately checked and logged during an emergency in which communications channels were unavailable. The logs generated by the PIVMAN Handhelds were then used to create comprehensive audit trails and after-action reports.

In addition to FIPS 201 cards, the types of credentials employed as part of these exercises included the Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC), Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC), and Mariner Administrative Card (MAC).

Pricing and Availability

The PIVMAN System is available today from CoreStreet. The System can be configured in a number of ways to meet the needs of various deployment types. A starter package for validating credentials is available for $24,950. This package includes two handhelds, a PIV Management Station and one year of support. For more information on the PIVMAN System, email or contact your CoreStreet representative.

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