CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System Plays Critical Role in Nationwide Homeland Security Demonstration

CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System Plays Critical Role in Nationwide Homeland Security Demonstration

Multiple Federal and State PIVMAN Customers Participate in Department of Homeland Security Winter Storm Demonstration

CAMBRIDGE, MA, (MARKET WIRE), February 27, 2007–CoreStreet, a leader in software for smart credential and convergence programs, announced that its PIVMAN™ System was used as part of the Winter Storm demonstration organized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The goal of the demonstration was to validate the functionality of the credential–the First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC) and the integration of electronic attributes. CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System checked the roles and privileges of every first responder in numerous secure areas across the country.

A major goal of the demonstration was to exhibit the electronic validation of the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201)-compliant credentials and Department of Defense Common Access Cards (DoD CAC) for every individual trying to access the demonstration sites. In addition to checking the credential, those tasked with securing the perimeter also needed to establish each individual’s associated Emergency Support Function (ESF)–these could have included firefighting, emergency management, and public safety and security. All this was to be accomplished without a network connection of any kind. Logs from all sites of the demonstration were collected and sent to a headquarters location to be used in creating comprehensive demonstration reports.

CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System was used at each location to meet this challenge. The system, which consists of software for handheld devices and backend servers, supports any FIPS 201-compliant credential, including FRAC, Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), and Mariner Administrative Card (MAC), as well as any DoD CAC.

Since its launch in September, 2006, CoreStreet’s PIVMAN System has been deployed by numerous federal, state and local governments for checking CAC and FIPS 201-compliant credentials. A number of CoreStreet customers participated in the Winter Storm demonstration, including the District of Columbia, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Illinois, State of Maryland, and other National Capital Region entities.

“CoreStreet focuses on creating solutions that show the real value of large credentialing initiatives,” said Chris Broderick, CEO of CoreStreet. “We have been working closely with DHS officials to solve a critical need: how to ensure that only appropriate individuals gain access to secure areas during all-hazard events. The PIVMAN System addresses this requirement and in doing so, demonstrates the importance for the millions of issued smart cards. Winter Storm is a clear example of the Federal Government’s commitment to improving disaster response. We are proud to be involved in this critical event.”

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