CPI Card Group and INSIDE Contactless to Provide Secure Contactless Payment Cards for Three Major Banks in Guatemala

CPI Card Group and INSIDE Contactless to Provide Secure Contactless Payment Cards for Three Major Banks in Guatemala

LITTLETON, CO November 13, 2006–CPI Card Group – Colorado, Inc., along with INSIDE Contactless, has been selected by Visa Latin America to provide cards with contactless technology for three major banks in Guatemala.

“CPI is honored to have been selected as the card supplier for the first Visa Contactless card project in Latin America,” said Benoit Guez, Vice President of Smart Cards and International Sales. As part of the Visa Smart Breakthrough program, CPI Card Group has issued over five million contactless cards in the United States with several major issuers in the US market.

The contactless cards, manufactured by CPI and powered by MicroPass from INSIDE Contactless, will be issued at Banco Uno, Banco Custcatlan and Bi-Credit. MicroPass is the leading contactless card chip platform in use within the US market offering best-in-class cardholder experience.

“The core advantages of MicroPass – with fast performance, low power, and deployment flexibility – were critical to this selection,” said Didier Serra, General Manager Americas and EVP Sales for INSIDE Contactless. “We appreciate the strong working relationship with CPI Card Group and are pleased to support this critical, first deployment in Latin America with MicroPass”.

About CPI Card Group

A world leader in plastic card manufacturing for over 20 years, CPI offers a single source for plastic cards from foil cards and holograms, to translucent and smart cards. CPI’s two ISO 9001:2000 certified sites include CPI Card Group – Colorado, Inc. in Littleton, Colorado and CPI Card Group – Nevada, Inc. in North Las Vegas, Nevada. CPI Card Group produces high-quality, general-purpose, magnetic stripe and smart cards for many applications. Certified to produce contactless products, our facility specializes in distinctive cards and we offer the largest production capacity in North America.

About INSIDE Contactless

Headquartered in France with a global presence in China, Singapore, Poland and the USA, INSIDE Contactless is a leading fabless semiconductor provider, delivering the most flexible, innovative, cost-effective, and trusted platform for contactless applications including bank card payments and Near Field Communications (NFC). INSIDE is involved in numerous industry initiatives, including the NFC Forum, which is driving the standardization of NFC; as well as the IN-CLUB Limited, which is a non-profit association that brings together companies in the Payment, ID, Mass Transit and Mobile application markets, to collaborate on contactless applications and initiatives.

For more information on INSIDE, please visit: http://www.insidecontactless.com