CPI Card Group First to Receive MasterCard Approval for INSIDE MicroPass 4003-Based MasterCard® PayPass™ Cards

CPI Card Group First to Receive MasterCard Approval for INSIDE MicroPass 4003-Based MasterCard® PayPass™ Cards

March 25, 2008–CPI Card Group, a world leader in plastic card manufacturing, today announced it has received approval from MasterCard to produce PayPass cards using the new MicroPass 4003 intelligent payment platform from INSIDE Contactless. These new contactless payment cards meet the MasterCard Mag Stripe Technical Specification version 3.2 and are available for immediate card production orders from bank card issuers and bureaus.

The CPI MicroPass 4003 has received the MasterCard PayPass Letter of Approval and Chip Assessment Security Testing (CAST). The MicroPass 4000 product suite is built upon the award-winning and market-leading MicroPass L4-1G and L4-2G products.

“CPI constantly strives to achieve the highest level of excellence, as evidenced by this ‘first to market’ chip technology, which also incorporates the industry’s fastest transaction times and outstanding read distance,” said Bob Clarke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “INSIDE’s certifications for its MicroPass 4003 were a tremendous help to us in obtaining final approvals from MasterCard to produce these cards, and our customers will also appreciate the superior cardholder experience made possible by the MicroPass 4003.”

“CPI is an innovative producer of high-quality plastic card products, and we congratulate them on their tremendous achievement in being first to market with MasterCard approved contactless payment cards,” said Didier Serra, GM for North America for INSIDE Contactless. “The MicroPass 4003 was specifically designed to optimally meet the high-volume, multi-payment brand and multi-application requirements of card manufacturers like CPI who are creating products for the U.S., Canadian and other contactless payment markets.”

About INSIDE Contactless

As the only fabless semiconductor company focused exclusively upon contactless chip platforms, INSIDE Contactless is a market leader in Near Field Communication (NFC), contactless payments and access control. Innovation in contactless technology has led to more than 55 patents granted to INSIDE. INSIDE is the number one market share provider of contactless bank card applications in the world. More than 25 key partners around the world, including major card manufacturers and handset providers, have successfully delivered “powered by INSIDE” contactless products such as payment and access cards, point-of-sale terminals, NFC-enabled mobile handsets and other products.

About CPI Card Group

A world leader in plastic card manufacturing for over 20 years, CPI offers a single source for plastic cards from foil cards and holograms, to translucent and smart cards. CPI’s production sites include Littleton, Colorado; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and North Las Vegas, Nevada. CPI Card Group produces high-quality, general-purpose, magnetic stripe and smart cards for many applications. Certified to produce contactless products, our facility specializes in distinctive cards and we offer the largest production capacity in North America.