Datacard Group Launches Card Issuance System for Cost-Conscious Organizations

Datacard Group Launches Card Issuance System for Cost-Conscious Organizations

New platform delivers outstanding card quality, productivity and reliability at a competitive price.

Minnetonka, Minn., April 17, 2007—Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, today introduced the Datacard® MX2000™ card issuance system, a cost-effective system that offers the essential technologies card issuers need to personalize cards with exceptional productivity and reliability.

“The MX2000 system is ideal for cost-conscious organizations worldwide,” said Wim Tappij Gielen, senior vice president of global sales, service and marketing for Datacard Group. “Its unique blend of efficiency and affordability aligns with the needs of today’s financial, gift, loyalty, membership and other card issuers. Plus, it delivers many of the same card personalization capabilities and operational advantages of our higher-volume card issuance systems for an extremely competitive price.”

The MX2000 system is ideal for personalization of embossed and flat cards including smart cards. The modular MX2000 system can be configured with up to seven personalization modules. This allows issuers to start with one set of capabilities today, then expand the system over time to accommodate emerging needs. The MX2000 system also features strong logical and physical security, with multiple ways to protect cardholder data, production data and access to the system.

“The MX2000 system together with Datacard® Certified Supplies and Datacard® Global Services give card issuers around the world a more affordable way to acquire a premium quality system with the right technologies for a variety of profitable applications,” said Kymberly Wiggin-Eide, director of central issuance product line marketing for Datacard Group.

Datacard Group offers the world’s best-selling secure ID and card personalization solutions. The company’s portfolio includes systems for high-volume card issuance, card delivery, secure ID issuance and passport production, plus extensive service and supply offerings. Datacard Group serves customers in more than 120 countries