Datacard Introduces Two Image Capture Solutions for its Family of Photo ID Systems

Datacard Introduces Two Image Capture Solutions for its Family of Photo ID Systems

Key features include single-click capture, auto-cropping and live video

Minneapolis, Minn., January 22, 2004–Datacard Group today introduced two image capture solutions that offer smooth, seamless integration with the company’s best-selling digital photo ID systems. The new Datacard® Tru™ photo solutions greatly improve speed, simplicity and user control in the photo ID production process.

The new Datacard® Tru™ Photo and Datacard® Tru™ Photo Professional solutions both offer high-quality USB digital cameras and a powerful Tru™ Photo software application that automates and simplifies image capture.

Tru Photo software features an auto-capture capability that allows users to simply click on a photo field and capture an image without panning or tilting the camera. The system automatically crops the photo and presents the operator with the image. The entire process takes about seven seconds.

System operators can elect to use these automatic capture and cropping features or choose to work in manual capture and cropping modes. In manual capture mode, live video is available for the operator to view the subject before capturing the photo. Manual cropping gives operators the power to crop each image to their liking.

“The automatic capture and cropping features are great for mass ID issuance or peak enrollment periods,” said Mike Schnaus, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Datacard Group. “Manual capture and cropping provide excellent quality control and are well-suited for routine, day-to-day ID card issuance.”

An optional external flash is available for the Datacard® Tru™ Photo Professional solution, which ensures high-quality images in low-light areas or in circumstances where subjects must be more than six feet from the camera.

“Our Tru Photo solutions make the photo ID process faster, easier and more productive than ever,” Schnaus said. “Innovations like these provide our photo ID systems with strong differentiation and help make Datacard a world’s best-selling brand.”