Duane Reade Implements Ingenico “tap And Go” Payment Solution

Duane Reade Implements Ingenico “tap And Go” Payment Solution

OTI Contactless Technology Integrated with Industry’s Leading

Atlanta, GA–Ingenico, the world’s leading provider of electronic payment terminals, announced today the installation of the eN-Touch 1000 with contactless reading technology from On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI) (NASDAQ: OTIV; Prime Standard (Frankfurt): OT5) at all Duane Reade locations by the end of 2005. The eN-Touch 1000 supports Duane Reade customer “tap and go” payment with American Express® ExpressPay™, MasterCard® PayPass™ and Visa® branded contactless cards.

When using a contactless reader, consumers simply tap their contactless payment card on the eN-Touch 1000 terminal with integrated OTI contactless reader to quickly make purchase at Duane Reade pharmacies. The OTI reader securely transmits card information via radio frequency, eliminating the time it takes to swipe a magnetic stripe card. Contactless payment offers Duane Reade customers increased checkout speed and improved payment convenience.

John K. Henry, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Duane Reade, stated “Ingenico has enabled Duane Reade to implement a single terminal that supports electronic signature capture, PIN entry debit and “tap and go” payment. Duane Reade prides itself in being at the forefront of leveraging technology to provide the best customer service of any pharmacy serving the New York metropolitan market.

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