Electric Vehicle Charging Payments Innovations Webinar

EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Payments Innovations Webinar

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have seen immense growth in North America: there are now more than 15 EV charging networks offering over 20,000 charging locations with over 60,000 charging outlets in U.S. and Canada. With this rapid growth, the industry faces challenges in providing drivers with a consistent and easy-to-use payment experience from one EV charging station to the next. The Secure Technology Alliance hosted a webinar on payment platform innovations for EV charging stations to educate industry stakeholders on new technologies that can address this challenge.

Speakers at this webinar discussed the current status of electric vehicle charging payments and present emerging standards and technologies that will enable convenient, secure payments. The approaches discussed in this webinar address the uncertainty EV drivers face when charging their vehicles, and ultimately work towards helping to drive EV adoption and use

Webinar topics include:

  • The EV charging market and use cases in the U.S.
  • The existing EV charging infrastructure and methods of payments for EV charging stations
  • New capabilities provided by the ISO 15118-2 standard and Plug & Charge
  • The benefits of open payment technology for EV charging

Speakers for the webinar were: Jordan Kaplan, UL; Oliver Manahan, Infineon Technologies; Nick Pisarev, G+D Mobile Security; Barton Sidles, Hubject; and Randy Vanderhoof, Secure Technology Alliance.