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Dear Members and Friends of the Alliance,

Earlier this month, Apple released two new iPhone models, both without an NFC chip inside. For some mobile industry analysts, this was another opportunity to declare that NFC is dead and that if NFC was everything that industry proponents claim it is, then surely Apple would be jumping on it. However, the consolation prize for NFC watchers was the addition of the Touch ID biometric reader that comes with the new iPhone, and this has broader implications that bodes well for NFC in the future. Coincidentally, the Smart Card Alliance has just announced five new Expert Series videos we shot last spring at our NFC Solutions Summit with leading NFC experts. I believe you’ll be very interested to see how much of what was in these videos has come to pass in the few months since they were recorded. Please read my Executive Director letter this month to learn more NFC in the news, and our Expert Video Series.

Randy Vanderhoof
Executive Director, Smart Card Alliance

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