First ‘All American’ Smart Card Solution Receives FIPS 140-2 Security Certification

First ‘All American’ Smart Card Solution Receives FIPS 140-2 Security Certification

Digital ID-Ready Smart Card Module Meets Rigorous Security Requirements for Government, Military, Citizen and Corporate Identity Cards

WASHINGTON, CardTech/SecurTech Conference and Exhibition, April 26 /PRNewswire/–ActivCard(R) Corp. (Nasdaq: ACTI), MartSoft(R) Corporation and Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today that the Eagle 64K Flash Module v1 has been granted a FIPS 140-2 security certificate. This is the first time such a high security certificate has been granted to a smart card solution entirely from United States-based vendors. In addition, this marks the first FIPS security certification of a Flash secure microcontroller.

The Eagle 64K Flash Module v1 (Eagle Module) is based on an Atmel(R) Secure crypto-microcontroller IC, MartSoft(R) Global Platform Java Card™ OS and the ActivCard(R) applet suite. When the module is placed in a plastic smart card housing, it is ideal for secure identification, digital signature, storing and updating account information, personal data, and even monetary value–with increased security, portability and convenience to applications. The external interface provided by the ActivCard applet suite is compliant with the smart card interoperability specification GSC-IS defined by United States General Services Administration. Hence, the Eagle Module is particularly tailored for any government or corporate identity card project.

Flash technology has long been recognized as a benefit for faster time to market. This is achieved through shorter development time and reduced pre-production fabrication cycle times, by eliminating ROM masking. It also has additional advantages of being very flexible, allowing the modification of the application at the last minute, and improving resistance to unauthorized access to protected content by hackers.

The Eagle Module usage and applications utilize an open systems configuration, interoperable with commercial and Government/Service applications–and are consistent with commercial industry standards. The application is designed to support a secure operating environment with rigorous security and information assurance for smart card systems and operations that ensure confidentiality and integrity of information, while concurrently protecting sensitive data. In addition, the Eagle Module platform supports multiple applications. This allows for additional services to be dynamically loaded after the cards are issued to provide additional capabilities. The smart card is envisioned as an updateable, individually portable hardware token that functions as a vehicle to reduce fraud and as an integral component of the issuers’ enhanced security solution.

“The Eagle Module, pre-loaded with ActivCard Applets, offers system integrators, government agencies, and corporations “Digital ID-Ready” smart card capability–and is compatible with the complete range of ActivCard solutions for multi-application enterprise access cards, government badging programs, single sign-on, and secure remote access,” stated Ed MacBeth, ActivCard Senior Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales and Business Development.

Dr. Yuh-Ning Chen, MartSoft’s CEO added “With the smart card industry having originated in Europe and many other countries being early adopters, we thank the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) for taking the leadership role in deploying the highest end smart card system for the common access program. Creating the Eagle module with industry leaders, ActivCard and Atmel, is a testament to the U.S. leadership in the smart card technologies. Following in the DOD’s footsteps, the module is standards based utilizing IETF, ISO, ANSI, and GlobalPlatform Specification, which has allowed for multiple vendors to competitively supply smart cards, readers, software and other equipment for this program. Besides being compatible with ActivCard solutions that have been adopted by DOD, the benefits of this Eagle Module are: (1) Flexibility and additional security because of the flash memory in Eagle Module; (2) The smart card made of the Eagle Module calibre has passed the stringency and interoperability tests; (3) Eagle Module is now available for qualified system integrators, smart card manufacturers and system designers for their own smart card solution deployment.”

Jeff Katz, Atmel’s Vice President of Marketing added, “Atmel is eager to serve all demanding markets like the Government with very flexible and secure products. Thanks to the ActivCard and MartSoft software contribution, this FIPS 140-2 security certificate proves again that our optimized Flash/EEPROM technology allows us to offer the products the smart card market requests–and offers a complete ” America based” solution. The FIPS 140-2 certification is oriented toward complete hardware and software system evaluation. This approach is complementary to the Common Criteria EAL4+ security certificates Atmel has already won on several of our products. Moreover, the Eagle Module is available to any card embedder.”

This certification has been awarded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States of America (NIST). NIST certification is rapidly becoming recognized as a worldwide standard for smart card security, especially for government applications.


*IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force

**ISO: International Organization for Standardization

*ANSI: American National Standards Institute

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