Galitt Visa and American Express Test Suites are selected by Q-Card

Galitt Visa and American Express Test Suites are selected by Q-Card

Q-Card has selected two Galitt Test Suites, one Terminal Test Suite confirmed by Visa and one Card Test Suite qualified by American Express.

Boulogne (France), July 30, 2018 – The American laboratory Q-Card has selected two Test Suites developed by Galitt: the VCPS Terminal Test Suite confirmed by Visa and the AEIPS & Expresspay Card Test Suite qualified by American Express. These ready-to-use Test Suites implement the Contactless Chip Card Acceptance Device Test Plan for Visa Contactless Payment Specification and Test Plans for AEIPS & ExpressPay card specifications.

Using the KaNest®-ICC Test Suites, Q-Card will be able to provide very efficient evaluation process services.

Vincent Mesnier, Executive Vice-President, Testing Solutions at Galitt added: “We are very proud of seeing Q-Card selecting our implementation of the Visa Terminal test Suite and the American Express Card Test Suite. It means Q-Card recognizes the level of efficiency and of quality that we are bringing to the industry to face the continuing challenge of EMV deployment and interoperability throughout the world, and specifically in the US.”

Galitt offers comprehensive and ready-to-use Test Suites to prepare accepting devices or cards for approval testing of International Schemes. The user-interface is specifically designed for processing of a huge number of Test Cases, and allows reducing considerably the time required for processing the full Test Plans.

About Galitt ( – Galitt, a Sopra Steria company, offers consulting and services dedicated to payment systems and secure electronic transactions. With a full set of recognized skills and know-how, Galitt assists its clients during the whole project life cycle: experts from the Payment Consulting Unit with their innovative approaches shed light on strategic choices; consultants from the Payment Services Unit support customers implementing their payment projects; teams from Testing Solutions Unit develop test software and take an active role in test automation and certification processes; staff from the Payment Solutions Unit build and run added-value payment applications; trainers from the Payment Education Unit broadcast Galitt expertise and skills during their seminars.

Catti™, KaNest®, VisuCard®, G-Tokenizer™ and VisuBank® are software designed, developed and maintained by Galitt that may also host and operate them.


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