G&D to Focus on Subscription Management and NFC Trusted Service Management at this Year’s CARTES & IDentification Trade Show

G&D to Focus on Subscription Management and NFC Trusted Service Management at this Year’s CARTES & IDentification Trade Show

Munich, November 10, 2011–At the international trade show CARTES & IDentification 2011 (to be held November 15–17), Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) will be presenting a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions for ensuring the security of its customers’ digital applications. G&D’s activities at the trade show will center around the company’s NFC and Trusted Service Management (TSM) solutions, without which secure monetary applications of a mobile wallet nature, such as mobile-payment and mobile-ticketing solutions, would not be possible. Another point of focus will be subscription management, which covers the over-the-air personalization and activation of SIMs in M2M devices. G&D will be showing–for the first time in a live demonstration–various sample applications for the remote management of subscriptions in line with GSMA recommendations. G&D’s subscription management platform and its special “embedded SIMs” will be deployed in the course of the demonstration.

Visitors to CARTES & IDentification 2011 will find the entire spectrum of G&D’s solutions at Stand 4 J 001 in Hall 4. The stand is divided into eight different “islands,” each devoted to a particular topic.

  • At NFC Payment and Contactless, G&D will, among other things, be showing how customers can purchase rail tickets using their cell phones, or utilize NFC to pay for a cinema ticket at the box office. In a live demonstration, G&D will present its TSM solution, which enables secure over-the-air transfer of sensitive data and personalization of secure elements such as SIM cards in mobile devices. Aspects such as the secure management of the entire lifecycle of the secure elements and administration of the terminals will round off the demonstration.

  • At the Subscription Management island, G&D will be showing the secure remote personalization and activation of embedded SIM cards using the company’s subscription management platform. The presentation will also include a variety of sample applications, such as initial personalization and the secure transfer of a cell phone subscription from one embedded SIM to another via the mobile network.

  • At SIM and Device Management, G&D will showcase its LTE-capable SmartTrust solutions for the administration of SIM cards and mobile devices via the mobile network (over the air, OTA). This includes the download of applications, electronic identities and keys to mobile devices, SIM cards and other secure elements. This G&D service targets mobile network operators and application providers, and includes management of the entire lifecycle of the card applications.

  • Nowadays, there is growing demand for networked device solutions in the field of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication. Solutions of this type are deployed in motor vehicles, in the automated metering of electricity, water and gas, and in vending machines. For the implementation of systems of this kind, G&D not only offers very robust SIM cards, but also the SmartTrust® AirOn™ M2M server platform, which enables the remote administration of M2M SIM cards and M2M modules. The company’s portfolio also boasts solutions for making the transfer of sensitive data secure against external attacks during M2M communication.

  • The Online Data Management island will highlight the Convego Service Data Gateway, which is designed to relieve payment-card issuers of complex and ever more time-consuming data management tasks. Together with the company’s online service portal, G&D offers an integrated solution for ensuring transparency at all levels of a global personalization network, right down to the local partners.

  • G&D’s LPI® (Laser Protected Image) security element combines color printing with cutting-edge laser personalization, making it possible to create counterfeit-proof color portraits of the holders of all kinds of ID documents. Visitors to the G&D stand can experience a live demonstration of the technology and have a sample ID card issued with their picture on it.

  • In partnership with Secunet Security Networks AG, G&D will present its Mobile Verification Suite for governments and government authorities–a software system for mobile devices that reads and verifies various types of government security documents. The live capture of biometric features such as fingerprints makes it possible to verify whether the person in possession of a card is really the intended holder. The system also allows users to run more detailed checks against various background systems, e.g. wanted-persons lists.

  • The exhibits at the Discover island revolve around technology for tomorrow’s “smart” homes. Potential smart-home scenarios will be shown on an Android-based device that combines a G&D Java Card 3.0 (Connected) with G&D’s MobiCore© technology. G&D will present a variety of different applications for private households–from smart metering through to telehealth solutions–deploying a range of devices and security technologies.

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