Gemalto makes it possible for the nation-wide transport operator in Taiwan, Easycard, to deploy micropayments across the country

Gemalto makes it possible for the nation-wide transport operator in Taiwan, Easycard, to deploy micropayments across the country

Amsterdam – June 5, 2012 – Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653), the world leader in digital security, announces the deployment of its next generation multi-application advanced smart cards technology to EasyCard Corporation in Taiwan. This latest generation software will enable micropayments on the widely used transport card enjoyed by over 30 million cardholders that ride the metro in the Greater Taipei Area, take intercity bus and river boat services, as well as use the parking lots and libraries in Taipei City.

The new Gemalto Celego card supports both contact and contactless functionalities, allows users to securely check their personal transaction records from the Internet, to make e-payment for government services and to conduct Internet shopping. Gemalto made available its full set of consulting services on specifications, provided operating system development and certification, and advised EasyCard Corporation on the migration path and opportunities to this new high end multi-application product.

In line with EasyCard’s move from transport into micropayments, the new card materializes EasyCard’s vision and strategy of providing a wider range of services for ‘Mobile Life’–becoming indispensible in the daily lives of its users also as a financial lifestyle card. As the contactless transit and payment markets in Taiwan converge, the new card enables EasyCard to reinforce its innovation leadership and provides a compelling growth opportunity.

The Gemalto Celego card has obtained the Common Criteria EAL4+ top level bank security standard certification. This enables EasyCard to meet the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission stringent requirements. It is also offering the very high level of performance needed for transportation and contactless micropayments applications. The new generation software also allows for expansion into Near Field Communication (NFC), future-proofing EasyCard’s offer when the national market will move towards mobile contactless payments.

“This is a significant milestone for payment cards to include such new services that visibly enhance the consumer experience” said Suzanne Tong-Li, Senior Vice President, Gemalto Asia. “These features are easy to use, ensuring quick user adoption. Gemalto’s expertise in the transportation and payment industries will help EasyCard bring the convenience of contactless while upholding the security of micropayment applications. Its ultimate aim is to allow people to travel around the whole of Taiwan with only one card.”

EASYCARD Corporation

The EASYCARD Corporation was officially established in March 2000 with a total capitalization of NT$500 million. The main shareholders in the corporation are the Taipei City Government, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, the Fubon Bank, 15 bus companies in Taipei City and Taipei County, Mitac Inc., Cathay United Bank, Taishin Bank, China Trust Commercial Bank, Mercuries Data Systems, China Engineering Consultants, Sanmen Technology and other companies. Public-sector stock accounts for 40% of the total.

The company established a milestone in the use of non-contact IC cards for use on bus services in the Greater Taipei area, for Taipei Metro and for payment of parking fees at Taipei City Government-run parking lots. The scope of the “smart card’s” application is currently being extended to use on the Maokong Gondola service, for Taipei Zoo admission, as a library card, intercity bus services and on river boat services, and designated stores, to provide greater convenience to users.

EASYCARD CORP. continues to explore avenues to integrate more services, and plans to extend the use of its “smart card’ to other transportation systems, for use in the payment of government fees, for admission to parks and scenic areas, and for small-value purchases. Its ultimate aim is to allow people to travel around Taiwan with only one card.

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) is the world leader in digital security with 2011 annual revenues of €2 billion and more than 10,000 employees operating out of 74 offices and 14 Research & Development centers in 43 countries.

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