Gemalto Puts Canadian Financial Institutions on the Fast Track to Smart Bank Cards

Gemalto Puts Canadian Financial Institutions on the Fast Track to Smart Bank Cards

Gemalto manages EMV migration from start to finish with new Pilot Package

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, March 29, 2007–Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, today announced a new end-to-end solution to help Canadian debit and credit card issuers implement the international EMV standard. With its EMV Pilot Package, which includes microprocessor-based smart card technology to provide better security to cardholders, personalization and consultation, Gemalto utilizes its global expertise and extensive experience to completely manage a financial institution’s EMV migration from start to finish.

“Card issuers in Canada will find this solution particularly useful. As they gear up to meet aggressive deadlines for implementing the international EMV standard, many are realizing how demanding such a program can be,” said Jack Jania, vice president and general manager of financial services for Gemalto North America. “Our EMV Pilot Package makes migration easy for issuers by providing everything necessary to successfully participate in EMV without relying extensively on internal resources.”

The EMV Pilot Package includes banking cards containing Gemalto’s secure digital technology, as well as data preparation, personalization and fulfillment of the cards at a state-of-the-art Gemalto center. Gemalto will also train the organization’s team extensively on all activities associated with EMV migration.

“Credit and debit cards with microprocessor-based technology protects payment transactions from the most common forms of fraud worldwide,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance, a not-for-profit, multi-industry association representing the smart card industry. “Making it easier for first-time issuers to bring this security to cardholders benefits financial institutions and consumers alike.”

With this initiative, Gemalto builds on its position as the world’s leading EMV solution provider. Financial institutions around the world are moving to microprocessor-based payment cards, following standards established by Europay, Visa and MasterCard (EMV). Each bank card contains a computer that better protects cardholders from the risks of credit card fraud and identity theft. Such conversion is continuing to gain momentum due to the advanced services that can be offered on the microprocessor bank card platform, as well as the looming liability shift dates mandated by Visa and MasterCard.

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) is a leader in digital security with 2006 annual revenues of €1.7 billion, operations in about 100 countries and more than 10,000 employees including 1,500 R&D engineers. In a world where the digital revolution is increasingly transforming our lives, Gemalto’s solutions are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, secure and enjoyable.

Gemalto provides end-to-end digital security solutions, from the development of software applications through design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports, and tokens to the management of deployment services for its customers. More than a billion people worldwide use the company’s products and services for telecommunications, financial services, e-government, identity management, multimedia content, digital rights management, IT security, mass transit and many other applications.

As the use of Gemalto’s software and secure devices increases with the number of people interacting in the digital and wireless world, the company is poised to thrive over the coming years. Gemalto was formed in June 2006 by the combination of Axalto and Gemplus. For more information please visit

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