Gemalto Web Service Enables Personalized Photos on PlasticNow MasterCard Cards in Canada

Gemalto Web Service Enables Personalized Photos on PlasticNow MasterCard Cards in Canada

AUSTIN, Texas, July 31, 2008–Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 – GTO), the world leader in digital security, today announced it will provide its CardLikeMe™ service to PlasticNow, giving consumers the flexibility to customize their PlasticNow prepaid MasterCard® with the photo of their choice. Gemalto has exclusively supplied payment cards and personalization services from its secure center in Burlington, Ontario to Canada-based PlasticNow since 2006.

Allynis CardLikeMe is completely Web-based; cardholders simply connect to the PlasticNow Web site, upload images directly from their computer and order their card instantly online. They can adjust their photo with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. They can move, zoom, rotate or focus on one part of the picture to ensure that their card is personalized to their exact specifications.

“We are very excited to offer CardLikeMe to our customers, as it gives them the opportunity to be creative and create cards that are truly unique to them – from the comfort of their own home. This takes personlized card products to a whole new level,” said Cal Lloyd, chief executive officer, PlasticNow Inc. “Not only is it easy for them, but Gemalto’s turnkey approach has made it simple and fast for us to integrate CardLikeMe into our system.”

PlasticNow is one of Canada’s first and leading providers of prepaid card solutions, through an issuing partnership with Peoples Trust Company. PlasticNow holds an MSP license with MasterCard and performs the full range of card portfolio management services from call centers and risk/fraud management to regulatory compliance and cash settlement, serving financial institutions, processors and fulfillment houses. PlasticNow is also the exclusive Canadian licensee of MyPlash, the world’s largest teen branded pre paid card product.

CardLikeMe is a turnkey solution that includes Web services and associated secure printing services. It is easily integrated into the card issuer environment, with each screen customized to their specifications. For more information, please visit

“Offering Gemalto’s CardLikeMe is a great way for PlasticNow to reinforce their focus on their customers and their uniqueness,” said Jack Jania, vice president and general manager, secure transactions, Gemalto North America. “This is the kind of personalized, differentiated service that retains customers and attracts new ones.”

About PlasticNow Prepaid MasterCard and Gemalto Personalization Services

The PlasticNow MasterCard is a prepaid, stored value and reloadable payment card. It is aimed at consumers that want the convenience of a MasterCard without the worries of being approved for credit. Gemalto personalizes PlasticNow’s prepaid credit cards in Canada at its state-of-the-art personalization center in Burlington, Ontario. At the ultra-secure center, Gemalto customizes each PlasticNow MasterCard by loading appropriate cardholder data, and then packages and sends the cards to PlasticNow or directly to cardholders.

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO) is the leader in digital security with pro forma 2007 annual revenues of over €1.6 billion, more than 85 offices in 40 countries and about 10,000 employees including 1,300 R&D engineers.

In a world where the digital revolution is increasingly transforming our lives, Gemalto’s solutions are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, secure and enjoyable.

Gemalto provides end-to-end digital security solutions, from the development of software applications through design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports, and tokens to the deployment of managed services for its customers.

More than a billion people worldwide use the company’s products and services for telecommunications, financial services, e-government, identity management, multimedia content, digital rights management, IT security, mass transit and many other applications.

As the use of Gemalto’s software and secure devices increases with the number of people interacting in the digital and wireless world, the company is poised to thrive over the coming years.

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