Gemplus selected to deliver smart identity cards for EC funded air travelers security program

Gemplus selected to deliver smart identity cards for EC funded air travelers security program

Gemplus participates in S-Travel initiative to create smart card-based industry standard for enhanced air travelers security and convenience

Luxembourg, 04 June 2003–Gemplus (Euronext Paris SA: GEPL.PA; Sicovam: 005768; NASDAQ: GEMP), the world’s leading provider of smart card solutions, today announced that it has been selected to supply smart card technology and expertise to the “S-Travel” (Secure-Travel) program, an initiative sponsored by the EC (European Commission) and the Swiss Office for Education and Science in order to address air travel security issues raised by the events on Sept 11th.

Post Sept 11th, as part of programs to foster research and development on a pan-European scale, the EC called for an industrial initiative towards the strategic mission of creating a safer air space, hence the birth of S-Travel. The S-Travel initiative, which is lead by SITA, the leading provider of IT services for airlines and airports, and sponsored also by IATA (International Air Travel Association), aims at defining and developing international security standards and procedures based on smart cards and biometrics to better identify frequent travelers, enhance traveler convenience, and ultimately improve security of the global air transport system. The program is scheduled to pilot in 2003/2004.

“The ease-of-use and security of smart cards make them an ideal means to host travelers’ identity credentials,” said Olivier Chavrier, Marketing Director of Gemplus ID & Security Solutions. “We are excited to be chosen for this important and proactive initiative towards creating international standards for safer and more convenient air transportation, and feel confident that Gemplus’ unrivaled experience in delivering smart card-based applications will help in reinforcing the air travel industry’s appeal and competitiveness.”

“The S-Travel consortium is composed of leaders within the IT security industry, and was formed with the objective of developing a strong global standard that will secure air space traffic, improve passenger confidence and restore Airlines Industry growth,” said Charles De Couessin, SITA Director of Marketing and Business Development. “Gemplus’ contribution of advanced smart card technology is essential to the success of the initiative, delivering what has proven to the S-Travel group’s device of choice to achieve convenient, quick and trustworthy identification of both airport staff and airline passengers.”

Secure and convenient check-in and boarding

The S-Travel project will include digital user-authentication of frequent air travelers for secure and fast physical and electronic airline and airport processing, and in the future may expand to enable automated check-in services and staff access control to airline and airport facilities. The project will develop and implement systems to authenticate passengers at both check-in and boarding stages, based on modification to the airlines’ Departure Control Systems (DCS).

S-Travel vendor consortium

The EC has assigned a consortium of leading organizations from the air transportation industry to spearhead the initiative, including IATA, SITA, Alitalia, and Athens and Milan airports. The S-Travel initiative will combine digital certificates (provided jointly by IATA and SITA), smart card solutions (Gemplus) and biometrics technology integration (Biowise). In 2003 the consortium will undertake trials in selected European airports, with the intention of eventually expanding the service globally.

About Gemplus

Gemplus (Euronext Paris SA: GEPL.PA; Sicovam: 005768; NASDAQ: GEMP) is the world’s number one provider of smart card solutions.

Gemplus helps its clients offer an exceptional range of portable, personalized solutions that bring security and convenience to people’s lives. These include mobile data services, inter-operable banking, identity, WLAN, m-commerce and a wealth of other applications. Gemplus is the only completely dedicated, truly global player in the Smart Card industry, with the largest R&D team, unrivalled experience, and an outstanding track record of technological innovation. In 2001, Gemplus was the worldwide smart card leader in both revenue and total smart card shipments (source: Gartner-Dataquest, Frost & Sullivan). Gemplus was also awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2002 Market Value Leadership Award for its exceptional performance.

Gemplus’ revenue in 2002 was 787 million Euros. It employs 5700 people in 37 countries throughout the world.

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