Identive Launches TagTrail™ Cloud-based NFC Mobile Services Platform at WIMA

Identive Launches TagTrail™ Cloud-based NFC Mobile Services Platform at WIMA

Tagtrail delivers dynamic, personalized content to mobile devices via NFC tags and QR codes

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 27, 2012–Identive Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE; Frankfurt: INV), a provider of solutions and services for the identification, security and RFID industries, today announced the commercial launch of its cloud-based mobile services platform, Tagtrail™, which allows advertisers, retailers and organizations in the education, hospitality and numerous other markets to deliver dynamic, personalized content and services to users’ mobile devices via near field communication (NFC) and other electronic discovery technologies. Identive will be demonstrating Tagtrail at the WIMA NFC USA 2012 conference in San Francisco, California November 27-29.

“Following beta trials, the commercial availability of Tagtrail now lets organizations of any size design, launch and dynamically manage mobile advertising or information campaigns, using NFC and QR code technology to deliver personalized content into consumers’ mobile devices. Tagtrail’s Web-based administration console makes it easy to program and update NFC or QR tags with multiple variations of content, so that each person who taps a tag receives personalized information or services. Consumers can also use Tagtrail at home to automate digital tasks such as WiFi pairing and to connect with family and friends. Tagtrail’s consumer interface also includes tight integration with social media platforms, enabling a single tap to go viral and providing a powerful way to promote brands, events and services,” said David Holmes, vice president Mobility & NFC Solutions for Identive.

Tagtrail StickerTagtrail’s Web console simplifies campaign management from initial set-up to tracking customer engagement. To begin, customized NFC tags can be ordered from Tagtrail’s website at for deployment at home or within a restaurant, campus or other business environment. Next, campaign administrators can easily assign desired content and services to each tag using the Tagtrail Web console. Each NFC or QR tag is assigned a unique identifier and is linked to Tagtrail’s cloud-based content delivery system and analytics platform, opening a wide range of possibilities for personalized, targeted engagements. Once tags are in place, real-time feedback from every tag-tapping event allows campaign owners to analyze customer uptake and preferences and tune messaging accordingly. Tag content can be updated to target specific audiences, deepen customer engagement or simply deliver new information or services. The Tagtrail service accommodates any number of tags and users. Web APIs offer built-in support for developers who wish to tap into Tagtrail’s core tag event handling engine to create their own vertical market applications and services.

Tagtrail HomepageTagtrail’s support for both NFC and QR technologies allows it to work with virtually all smart phones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and devices running on Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating systems. When consumers tap an NFC tag or scan a QR code linked to the Tagtrail platform, they receive exciting, personalized content and services, such as coupons or offers, quick access to social media check-in, or secure connections to WiFi or other applications. At home, Tagtrail can manage content on NFC refrigerator magnets or QR code stickers to help family members share weekly schedules or view the latest photos of the grandkids. Tagtrail can be used with an opt-in app that further simplifies content delivery for consumers, eliminating the need to open the phone’s camera or search websites. Consumers can also shape their own experience by using the app to set preferences, save, organize and filter tag content on their mobile devices, and later enjoy re-living the experience from favorite tags and sharing it with their social networks.

Phone”Consumers are increasingly choosing mobile phones and tablets as their preferred interface to consume data, access the Internet and connect with social networks, so we designed Tagtrail to deliver content to mobile devices in a way that is personal, immediate, and easy to view and share. NFC is the perfect technology to deliver mobile content; but with NFC phones just beginning to hit the market, we included support for QR codes as well so that Tagtrail is accessible by anyone using virtually any type of mobile device, ” stated Ayman S. Ashour, chairman and chief executive officer of Identive. “Tagtrail’s Web-based management capabilities and its powerful software engine are built on Identive’s expertise in cloud and NFC technologies and further strengthen Identive’s unique position in both mobility and NFC.”

Identive’s patent-pending Tagtrail platform is offered as a complete solution that includes cloud-based content delivery and analytics services, NFC tags and the mobile user app. Several service plans are available to suit each customer’s needs. For more information, visit Identive’s Tagtrail website at

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