IDmachines and Probayes join forces to bring powerful predictive analytics to the United States’ enterprise security and information technology markets

IDmachines and Probayes join forces to bring powerful predictive analytics to the United States’ enterprise security and information technology markets

Solutions support strong authentication, security in depth, trajectory and threat prediction

Brookline, MA USA, 24 February 2010–Probayes Technologies (Grenoble, France) has joined with IDmachines LLC (Brookline, MA, USA) to bring its security and productivity solutions based on Bayesian modeling, inference and learning to the United States marketplace. Probayes Keystroke Dynamics, Fraud Detection and Operational Risk Management products provide strong authentication and security in depth in addition to powerful predictive analytics. These end-user applications are supported and complemented by a Software Development Kit (SDK) and Bayesian modeling toolkit to speed use of knowledge development for security and a wide range of applications across disciplines.

Today’s security solutions need to address a dynamic and wide ranging array of threats. Even better it would predict them. Probayes and IDmachines find that products such as keystroke dynamics and fraud/incident detection are a natural complement to other strong authentication techniques. The two companies bring decades of experience with security and machine learning to its end-user, integrator and original equipment manufacturer partners. The end-user products are targeted at large scale infrastructure and enterprises. IDmachines brings a particular expertise with organizations that look to leverage the Personal Identity Verification Interoperability (PIV-I) such as Federal, State and local government as well as financial services and other critical infrastructure sectors.

Probayes products are currently used by leading European Union financial institutions and Global 100 organizations. Emmanuel Mazer, CEO of Probayes, stated “Knowing Sal D’Agostino for a long time, I am very proud to work with his company. By partnering with IDmachines, I am sure our US customers will benefit from their high level of commitment and recognized security expertise. This will ensure the successful deployment of our products, and a quick return on customer investment.”

“IDmachines is very excited at the opportunity to work with Emmanuel Mazer and his team at Probayes. Having worked with Emmanuel over the last 3 decades one can only be amazed at the timeliness and elegance of the important innovations he has brought to market in machine learning. The ability of organizations and their networks to deploy security in depth and for the network to learn provides tremendous potential for enterprise security and improved delivery of goods and services to its customers. Keystroke dynamics and fraud detection are only the first examples of how Probayes and its partners and customers will leverage the tools of probability.”

The ability to identify anomalies goes to the heart of most security solutions. Probayes solutions provide an ability to include new and broader information into analysis engines that can identity and predict these anomalies. Cyber security that combines strong authentication techniques with security in depth improves security measures and enables global transactions and access. The demand for enhanced cyber security solutions includes the need to access cloud computing services and is particularly true in the current environment of widespread attempts at fraud.

“It’s important that these security and learning tools get put to work in building 21st century networks and products” commented Mr. D’Agostino.


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About IDmachines

IDmachines works with its customers to enable identity and security using standards based solutions. Across government, critical infrastructure and other enterprises IDmachines enables the migration to a single high assurance multi-purpose identity credential and global interoperability. IDmachines help end-user, system integrator, and manufacturing and services organizations achieve game changing developments in the identity, access and security world.

About Probayes

Probayes provides software for predictive analytics solutions. A spin-off from the French CNRS research lab, it was founded in 2003. Probayes has developed unique technology allowing its customers to easily extract from data using existing expertise predictive models to address key business requirements. The applications cover a wide range of fields including, user authentication, trajectory prediction, and fraud detection.