IDTP and Sage Capital Advisors, LLC Form Partnership

IDTP and Sage Capital Advisors, LLC Form Partnership

NORTH POTOMAC, Md., February 20, 2007, (BUSINESS WIRE)–Identification Technology Partners, Inc. (IDTP) announces a strategic alliance with Sage Capital Advisors, LLC of Minneapolis, MN. Both companies have an interest in assuring the efficient development of advanced security technologies. “This relationship aligns our strengths so that we can more effectively discover new business opportunities and support vital technology development,” said M. Paul Collier, President of IDTP. “Sage Capital’s focus on biometrics and secure credentialing brings a valuable resource to facilitate the growth of these technologies.”

The security markets are responding to the growing demand for stronger personal identification technologies and best practices. Jay Meier, a recognized securities industry analyst and President of Sage Capital Advisors, LLC stated in his June 2006 market report, “Dramatic developments in privilege authorization, identity verification, and access control procedures are changing the way we live our lives.” Biometrics and other authentication tools provide strong identity assurance for the security responses that people perform routinely every day.

The unique nature and purpose of this industry presents distinct business opportunities. The IDTP and Sage Capital Advisors team seek to facilitate the growth of the industry through technology development and business capitalization. “Both companies bring unique and complimentary skill-sets, providing broad and deep resources to the Secure Credentialing & Identification Industry,” said Jay Meier, President of Sage Capital Advisors, LLC. “We are in the business of discovering and developing new companies and solutions, helping them grow, as well as bringing companies together to realize better platforms and overall security. The IDTP/Sage resource is substantial.” Industry participants, stakeholders and investors can realize higher levels of success utilizing these resources.

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IDTP, a leading Washington, DC consulting firm, provides professional services which supporting technologies and systems for personal identity authentication. IDTP is a partnership of recognized experts solving client technical and business challenges in the advanced identification marketplace. IDTP’s applied experience has influenced the design of multi-factor authentication and secure identity credentialing systems used by government and industry. Visit

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Sage Capital Advisors, LLC provides financial and operational consulting services to facilitate and support emerging companies in the Secure Credentialing & Identification Industry. With extensive experience in the securities and venture capital industries, evaluating industries, markets and products, companies and securities, Sage Capital Advisors is uniquely positioned to provide industry with support and guidance on financing issues. Visit