INSIDE Contactless, exclusive suppliers of “Pay by Mobile” NFC components

INSIDE Contactless, exclusive suppliers of “Pay by Mobile” NFC components

At the end of November 2007, six major banks, four mobile phone operators,, Visa Europe and MasterCard Worldwide will be launching the “Pay by Mobile” operation, an experimental contactless payment system. 1000 test customers will have mobile phones fitted with INSIDE Contactless’s MicroRead NFC component

Paris, 9 November 2007–INSIDE Contactless, the leading NFC technology and contactless chip designers, have announced that they will be participating in the “pay by mobile” operation. Inside will fit their NFC MicroRead chip to the 1000 pilot-scheme customers’ mobile phones.

This operation, which has been tested on 200 traders in Caen and Strasbourg and involves a large number of manufacturers, is intended to simplify local payments by giving customers a quick, safe and simple method of paying everyday bills.

The 1000 “Pay by Mobile” users will have INSIDE Contactless’s microread® payment platform incorporated in their mobile phone SIM cards.

microread® is an innovative new-generation RF using NFC (Near Field Communication) short-distance transmission technology .

When fitted to mobile phones, PDAs or PCs, this chip enables them to operate as wireless RF receivers and smart cards, or RF tags.

microread® is totally compatible with NFC specifications and includes all NFC options. The microread® chip has a “battery off” mode that makes it possible to complete a transaction even if the power supply is cut off, because the component is self-powering.

The INSIDE Contactless chip is currently one of the most reliable and secure payment-by-mobile devices. It is the select solution, indispensable for major players in the market.

Remy de Tonnac, INSIDE Contactless’s Chairman and Managing Director, says: “With this experiment, Inside will not only prove the technical capacities of our contactless payment platform–which are already well known–but also the new convenience of use and the new experience such services can provide for users”

With this experiment, the leading players in the market have taken a bold new road. The “Pay by Mobile” project is not intended to be just a technical or operational experiment, but rather the first step towards the marketing of this new service.

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INSIDE Contactless are the only semi-conductor company exclusively dedicated to wireless platforms and the market leaders in NFC (Near Field Communication), contactless payment and access control. Their innovations in contactless technology have enabled them to register over 55 essential NFC technology patents

In the United States, INSIDE Contactless are number one in the contactless payment sector and have supplied more than 20 million chips to bank card manufacturers. Over 25 international partners, such as HID, Giesecke & Devrient and SAGEM, have already delivered contactless products made by INSIDE Contactless for payment and access cards, point-of-sale terminals and NFC mobile phones. INSIDE Contactless are based in Aix-en-Provence and have offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Poland, San Francisco, and Boston.

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