INSIDE Contactless Extends VaultIC Security Module Family

INSIDE Contactless Extends VaultIC Security Module Family

New 32KB and 64KB Memory Options Reduce Cost, Broaden Applicability and Boost Flexibility

Aix-En-Provence, France, November 23, 2010–INSIDE Contactless, a leading provider of secure microprocessors for payment, ID and other embedded security applications, today extended its VaultIC™ family of turnkey security modules with two new cost effective alternatives that make it easier to integrate a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 secure element into a much broader range of devices. The VaultIC420 and VaultIC440 deliver all the cryptography, secure data storage, multiple interfaces, security firmware and other features of the original 128K byte VaultIC460 in pin-for-pin compatible packages with 32K and 64K byte EEPROM capacities for reduced cost and even greater flexibility.

The two new memory options now make the VaultIC products appropriate for cost-sensitive USB authentication tokens, embedded authentication and secure network communications applications such as smart energy meters, femtocells, telehealth and gaming platforms and a variety of secure data storage applications. They also give customers an effortless upgrade path to using higher-capacity modules in the product family as memory requirements change over a device’s lifetime.

“Our VaultIC security modules are already unique in the industry, offering the fastest, easiest way to add advanced cryptography and secure data storage to any product,” said Christian Fleutelot, general manager, secure microcontroller solutions at INSIDE Contactless. “Today’s announcement strengthens our position even further by enabling our customers to select the most cost-effective memory capacity for their current needs, with a clear, simple upgrade path as those needs change in the future.”

INSIDE’s VaultIC security modules replace complex and expensive proprietary systems with a low cost, easy-to-integrate, higher security and proven technology. Combining a secure microcontroller, secure data storage, hardware crypto accelerators, multiple interfaces and advanced security firmware, VaultIC modules embed a variety of dedicated anti-tampering hardware for protection against simple and differential power analysis (SPA/DPA) attacks, advanced protection against physical attacks (including active shield), environmental protection systems (voltage, frequency and temperature monitors), light protection and secure management/access protection to prevent reverse engineering or cloning. The VaultIC420 and VaultIC440 hardware meets Common Criteria EAL4+ security level requirements.

The embedded security firmware makes it easy to implement a fully user-defined non-volatile storage of sensitive or secret data; set up identity-based authentication with user, administrator and manufacturer roles; perform authentication, digital signature, encryption/decryption and other advanced cryptographic operations using keys and data from the file system; and provide secure communication channels using all standard cryptography algorithms including 3DES, AES, RSA and Elliptic Curves. INSIDE’s VaultIC Starter Kit provides an easy path to mastering the cryptographic and secure data storage features of the VaultIC security modules.

The new VaultIC420 and 440 employ a fully compatible hardware platform as is used in the VaultIC460, including the same 8-/16-bit secure RISC CPU, hardware random number generator, hardware 3DES crypto-accelerator, hardware AES crypto-accelerator and hardware 32-bit public key crypto-accelerator. The chips include a full speed certified CCID-compliant USB 2.0 interface, high-speed slave serial peripheral interface (SPI), inter-integrated circuit (I2C) interface and ISO/IEC 7816 standard UART for the greatest flexibility in connecting the VaultIC to applications.

Availability and Pricing

The INSIDE VaultIC420 and 440 are available now in either 44-QFN or 8-SOIC packages. Please contact INSIDE Contactless for pricing information.

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