INSIDE Unveils Contactless Consumer Electronics Vision at CES

INSIDE Unveils Contactless Consumer Electronics Vision at CES

Multiple Initiatives Supporting NFC on Mobile Phones, Contactless Bank Cards, Smart Posters, and M-2-M Connectivity between Cameras, TV Screens, and other Consumer Electronic Devices to be Discussed at CES

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8, 2007–INSIDE Contactless, a world leader of contactless semiconductor chips, today unveiled its consumer electronics vision in the NFC Forum at CES, in the Sands Convention Center.

INSIDE’s chips support every contactless standard in the industry, based on the 13.56MHz frequency, to enable consumers to make purchase at hundreds-of-thousands of contactless reader terminals installed with merchants including 7-Eleven, McDonalds, CVS Pharmacy, Ritz Camera, Regal Cinema Group, Walgreen’s, Arby’s and many others. INSIDE’s industry leading NFC technology also enables consumers to make purchases, simply by swiping their NFC-enabled mobile phones past a secure reader, just as they would with a contactless credit card.

In addition to purchases, NFC technology combines identification and interconnection capabilities to facilitate short-range wireless communication between different mobile devices and smart objects, in a secure and intuitive way. These NFC-enabled, machine-to-machine connections enable consumers to access embedded content – such as ticket information, discount coupons, ring-tones and other downloadable content–by swiping their phones past smart posters that are embedded with NFC chips.

“The mobile phone continues to evolve into a multimedia device that incorporates other consumer electronic applications, such as TV, video, gaming, music, and other applications that have previously relied on the PC,” said Jean-Philippe Betoin, Business Development Director for Consumer Electronics, INSIDE Contactless. “NFC is providing a new and enhanced link between consumer electronic devices and a new mobile multimedia world; and INSIDE is playing a significant role in the evolution of the standards that will bring the next-wave of these integrated technologies to consumers.”

At CES, INSIDE is demonstrating its NFC-enabled technology in the NFC Forum (booth # 70628) in the Sands Convention Center. INSIDE will illustrate the benefits that NFC technology brings to each constituency in the mobile phone industry, including:

  • Handset manufacturers, who get a new primary application for their phones
  • Operators, who gain a new medium for downloading dynamic content across their networks
  • Third-party developers, and service providers, who offer location-based-services, mobile marketing applications, and the reader infrastructure required to complete transactions.
  • Consumer Electronic device manufacturers, who benefit from NFC as a seamless and secure enabler for short range wireless connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, bluethooth, or UWB (UltraWideBand).

INSIDE will also discuss how NFC technology will have a profound effect on:

  • Retailers, who can now provide discounts and incentives to consumers in a manner that leads to immediate, opportunistic purchases.
  • The banking industry, who can now leverage a new channel for its debit and credit products
  • And consumers, who can leverage the flexibility of this new technology to connect various consumer electronic devices, and make secure purchases in a convenient manner.

“INSIDE’s technology is benefiting anyone who has a mobile phone, or anyone who has ever made a purchase with a credit card–by providing a faster, more secure, and more reliable purchasing experience,” said Didier Serra, EVP and General Manager for INSIDE Contactless. “The NFC business and use-cases have already been proven by a similar proprietary system in Japan, and numerous trials that are taking place throughout Europe are paving the way for the worldwide deployment of NFC applications that are certain to change every consumer’s relationship with their mobile phone, and we’re looking forward to discussing these developments all week at CES.”

About INSIDE Contactless

Founded in 1995, INSIDE is headquartered in France and with global presence in China, Singapore, Poland and the USA. INSIDE is uniquely positioned as the only fabless semiconductor company solely dedicated to the advancement of contactless technology, leveraging one of the industry’s largest intellectual property portfolios. Through strategic emphasis in contactless payments and Near Field Communications (NFC), INSIDE has been on a rapid growth track over the past two years with more than 10M chips delivered for contactless payment cards in the US market and a dominant position in driving NFC standardization and pilot deployments. For more information,


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