Integrated Engineering introduces “e-Passport Add-on”

Integrated Engineering introduces “e-Passport Add-on”

Easy-to-use e-Document reader

Amsterdam, 25 January 2006–Integrated Engineering, a leading powerhouse in contact less smart card readers, releases its new “e-Passport Add-on”. The “e-Passport Add-on” is an auto-detect open book reader for all ISO 14443 level 4 A & B chips. The e-Passport Add-on is able to read the chip regardless the position of the inlay in an open book, including shielded passports. With this reader every existing infrastructure, at for example airports, can be ready for the next generation e-passports.

After the introduction of the module and the desktop version e-document reader, Integrated Engineering developed a reader with an USB interface offering industry standard PCSC/CCID protocol. To offer customers more flexibility, the “e-Passport Add-on” is also available with Integrated Engineering T=CL protocol. The ready-to-use housing can be mounted on and used in combination with existing Optical and OCR readers and verifiers like the Passport Quality Assurance readers, OCR passport readers and the Passport & ticket readers from RochFord Thompson.

“Our module and desktop version e-document reader are a success because of the flexibility we offer our customers,” says Mr. JP Hulsker, Managing Director of Integrated Engineering. “As one of the leading RFID companies in the world and as technology partner of our customers, we recognized the need for an e-document reader that will add value to an existing reader in stead of replacing it. The “e-Passport Add-on” will provide the possibility to swipe and read an e-document in one movement.”

The “e-Passport Add-on” is an easy-to-use reader that is completely card operating system independent and can be supplied with several customized mounting plates. For example, Integrated Engineering developed a special mounting kit for the RTE OCR swipe readers.

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About Integrated Engineering

Integrated Engineering is a leading powerhouse in the contact less smart card industry, which has developed high quality products that provide contact less smart card solutions. They assure customers global support through offices in The Netherlands (head office) and The United States of America. Integrated Engineering distinguishes itself through design and manufacture of trend-setting products providing innovative contact less smart security and identification solutions.

Integrated Engineering is an organization that continuously develops and markets its products and solutions focused in the area of physical and logical security, public transport, and retail. It is a Certified ISO 9001 company that remains flexible to act as an innovative partner meeting the changing needs of their clients. The products meet the increasing demand for intelligent smart card solutions based on world wide accepted standards like ISO 14443 and ISO 15693. They are a ‘preferred partner’ of Philips Semiconductors NV.