Integrated Engineering’s SmartTRANS readers receive GSA certification

Integrated Engineering’s SmartTRANS readers receive GSA certification

Amsterdam, 5th October 2006–Integrated Engineering, a world leading powerhouse in the contactless smart card industry, announced today that its multi-technology reader, SmartTRANS, have been approved by the US General Services Administration (GSA) for the FIPS201 program. The SmartTRANS reader is the first contactless smart card multi-technology reader that is included on the GSA Approved Products list.

“As one of the leading RFID the companies in the world and as technology partner of our customers, we recognized the need for an dual technology reader that will add value to an existing infrastructure instead of replacing it. We are very pleased that our work has been awarded GSA Approved Products list for contactless physical and logical smart card readers,” says Mr. JP Hulsker, CEO of Integrated Engineering. “The Approved Products List from GSA is a great resource, which offers the U.S. government possibility to benefit from our knowledge and experience with the various technologies and our experience within the market.”

The SmartTRANS provides a transition path from existing proprietary legacy 125 kHz Prox technologies to an open standard ISO14443 technology. The reader combines ISO14443 technologies, such as Mifare, DESFire and PIV, and 125 kHz prox technologies in one reader. The reader provides configurable output formats and output protocols. The SmartTRANS accepts a wide range power supply voltage from 5 to 16 Volt DC.

About Integrated Engineering

Integrated Engineering is a leading powerhouse in the contactless smart card industry, which has developed high quality products that provide contactless smart card solutions. They assure customers global support through offices in The Netherlands (head office), Asia Pacific, and The United States of America. Integrated Engineering distinguishes itself through design and manufacture of trend-setting products providing innovative contactless smart security and identification solutions.

Integrated Engineering is an organization that continuously develops and markets its products and solutions focused in the area of physical and logical security, public transport, and retail. It is a Certified ISO 9001 company that remains flexible to act as an innovative partner meeting the changing needs of their clients. The products meet the increasing demand for intelligent smart card solutions based on world wide accepted standards like ISO 14443 and ISO 15693.