IR Recognition Systems Partners With HID–Integrates iCLASS Smart Cards Into Biometric HandKeys

IR Recognition Systems Partners With HID–Integrates iCLASS Smart Cards Into Biometric HandKeys

CAMPBELL, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) Sept. 10, 2002–IR Recognition Systems, the biometric component of Ingersoll-Rand’s (IR) Security & Safety Group’s Electronic Access Control (EACD) and the world’s largest supplier of biometric readers for access control and time and attendance applications, announced that it is showcasing its hand geometry readers integrated with HID’s new iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Show in Philadelphia today. Hand geometry technology positively identifies users by the shape and size of their hands.

The HID iCLASS contactless smart card stores both the user’s ID number and hand geometry template on the card. Because of this, there is no need to distribute hand templates across a network of HandReaders or require the access control system to manage biometric templates. This means integration to any existing access control application is greatly simplified and additional network infrastructure costs are eliminated. Since the template only resides on the card, the solution also eases individual privacy concerns.

Providing the best of smart cards and biometrics, the solution provides dual authentication by requesting both the right card and the right person. An iCLASS contactless smart card reader is embedded into an IR Recognition Systems HandReader. A plastic card holder is affixed to the side of the unit, enabling single hand operation. The verification process takes approximately one second and is virtually foolproof.

With IR Recognition Systems’ HandKey II HandReader, the hand template requires only nine bytes to define the hand, the smallest in the biometric industry. This ensures that response times are fast and that the smart card can maximize its benefits by offering users increased room for other applications. In addition, the implementation supports multiple secure applications on the iCLASS cards.

“We are pleased to add IR Recognition Systems to our growing list of biometric recognition partners,” states Joe Grillo, ASSA ABLOY ITG president and CEO. “By combining iCLASS with IR Recognition Systems’ HandReader, the two companies are providing new standards in access control security.”

“Our smart card data is encrypted using a 64-bit encryption key and a fast, powerful algorithm (DES or triple DES),” Grillo continued. “After a card and reader mutually authenticate one another, the reader reads and decrypts the card data. Encryption serves to add an additional layer of security and provides privacy to the cardholder.”

“The timing of this product release with HID could not be better, for it provides a dual authentication solution that’s needed, affordable, secure and easy to implement,” affirms Bill Spence, IR Recognition Systems director of marketing. “We’re already seeing tremendous demand for such a solution among Homeland Security projects in transportation infrastructure locations such as shipping ports and airports worldwide.”

This partnership is a continuation of the two companies working together. For many years, the IR Recognition Systems HandReader has included, as an option, an internal proximity card reader that reads HID proximity cards. When the user presents his proximity card to the HandReader, he is requested to put his hand on the reader. His hand’s geometry is then compared with the template stored either in the HandReader or by the access control system to verify identity.

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As interest in IT secure authentication and other smart chip applications increases, HID’s credential remains the platform of choice to carry multiple applications. HID multi-technology credentials can be used throughout organizations to leverage the investment in existing systems, while providing for enhanced functionality in other areas. As the largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and cards for the security industry, HID has shipped over 125 million credentials to customers worldwide. HID pioneered the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for security. Their experience in developing card technologies enables HID to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology. For more information on HID, visit their website at

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With over 70,000 hand geometry units throughout the world reading millions of hands each day, Recognition Systems, founded in 1986, is the world’s pioneer of hand recognition technology used in access control, time and attendance and identification applications. The company is the world sales leader of biometric verification devices and serves an international clientele from its headquarters in Campbell, Calif. The hand geometry website is Phone is 408-341-4100. Recognition Systems is the biometric component of Ingersoll-Rand Corporation’s Security & Safety Group’s Electronic Access Control Division. The Ingersoll-Rand website is

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