ITC Systems to Provide Services to Existing CyberMark Clients

ITC Systems to Provide Services to Existing CyberMark Clients

ITC Systems and Cybermark agreed to have ITC Systems provide ongoing services to the existing CyberMark client base in the higher education market.

TORONTO, Ontario (June 1, 2002)–ITC Systems (ITC), the leading developer and supplier of smart card solutions for higher education, library, corporate, stadium, and government markets in North America announces it has come to an agreement with Cybermark to take over their higher education customers as a result of Cybermarks’ exit from that market.

These two industry leaders provide unique capabilities in integrated transaction control solutions and as result of this agreement customers can feel confident when dealing with the premier company in this market.

“The combining of respective company skills, customer knowledge and engineering capabilities provides best of breed solutions in integrated transaction control solutions, and builds critical organizational mass in the higher education market,” said Campbell Richardson, President and CEO of ITC Systems.

“Cybermark is excited about dealing with the industry leader ITC Systems,” said Glen Santmire, CEO of Cybermark. He further states, “We believe ITC Systems is in a formidable position to serve the increasingly sophisticated needs of the campus marketplace whether the requirements are for excellent customer service, advanced technology, or strong engineering capabilities. I am elated by the positive feed back received from our key customers”.

“We have positioned ITC Systems for the future with enhanced resources, greater capabilities and a complete UPOS product offering for our customers” said Campbell Richardson.

ITC Systems Company Information

ITC Systems (ITC) is a world leader in integrated transaction control systems with offices in St. Louis and Toronto. Since 1987, ITC has developed a line of Unattended-Point-of-Sale (UPOS) Terminals for a multitude of self-serve applications utilizing an ‘e-purse’ Smart Card as the payment method. Their UPOS Terminals are successfully installed on vending machines, copiers, laundry machines, cash registers and other self serve ‘charge for use’ applications. To augment the product offering, ITC also provides back office transaction processing software, ‘pay for print’ software and ‘meal plan’ software. Their products are currently being used in college and university campuses, libraries, government institutions, and more. ITC now offers its customers a choice of smart card or magnetic stripe technology for a vast array of equipment and services, using both open market and closed proprietary systems.

For more information about ITC Systems please contact Mr. Dan Bodolai, V.P. Operations, at (416) 289-2344, e-mail to [email protected] or visit ITC online at

Cybermark Company Information

Founded in 1996, CyberMark is a leading electronic commerce company, specializing in the creation of smart card communities on the Internet and in closed campus environments. Cardholders conduct smart card based transactions using their cards at sites displaying the SmartWorld® logo. SmartWorld® is a registered trademark of CyberMark. To learn more about CyberMark, visit