Keycorp technology selected for Turkish military ID cards

Keycorp technology selected for Turkish military ID cards

Secure smartcard solution combining multiple applications

Sydney, 25 July 2005–Secure electronic transaction solutions provider Keycorp Limited (ASX: KYC) today announced that its latest MULTOS smartcard technology had been selected for a new multifunction ID card for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and their families.

With an initial rollout of two million smartcards carrying Keycorp MULTOS technology within 12 months, the new military ID cards will incorporate a number of applications including e-purse, access control, digital signature and health. The cards are manufactured by Oberthur Card Systems (OCS).

The TSK smartcard project utilises the strengths of the Keycorp MULTOS smartcard platform, including its extremely high security and the ability to add extra applications without having to replace the cards.

Keycorp will supply the MULTOS technology together with its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security application and specially customised ID and health applications. The smartcard modules supplied by Keycorp will also contain a Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) payment application.

OYAK Bank, which is implementing the program together with the Turkish General Staff, has been working with Keycorp on a range of programs for several years.

“OYAK Bank and the Turkish military have a reputation for expecting the highest standards of security,” said Bruce Thompson, Keycorp’s chief executive officer. “By selecting Keycorp’s latest MULTOS platform, they have not only chosen a highly secure solution, but one that allows them maximum flexibility to respond to changing needs in the future.”