LaserCard Partners with Thomas Greg and Sons at Cards 2010 South America, Sao Paolo, Brazil, April 26 – 28

LaserCard Partners with Thomas Greg and Sons at Cards 2010 South America, Sao Paolo, Brazil, April 26 – 28

Showcasing Innovative Multi-Technology and Health Care ID Solutions

Mountain View, Calif., April 21, 2010–LaserCard Corporation (NASDAQ:LCRD;, a leading provider of secure ID solutions, will join Thomas Greg and Sons, a leading Latin American provider of security printing, documents and services, at Cards 2010 South America, to jointly present their advanced, counterfeit-resistant government ID solutions. The event will be held April 26–28 in San Paolo, Brazil.

LaserCard will attend Cards 2010 as a guest of Thomas Greg and Sons to showcase its products and professional services and, in particular, a jointly-manufactured multi-technology ID credential solution featuring LaserCard’s optical security media combined with micro-controller chips embedded by Thomas Greg. In addition, Dave Oller, Vice President of Sales, Americas, for LaserCard, will present a paper entitled “The Trend toward Multi-Technology Cards in Government ID Programs.”

The companies will also exhibit health care ID cards incorporating a combination of advanced security, biometric and storage capacity features that address a number of concerns of the developing electronic health care ID market: patient identification, privacy and information security. The digital security of LaserCard’s optical media, which has never been compromised, provides the highest levels of protection for the privacy of patient records while allowing individuals to maintain possession of their clinical information on a single card.

“In our efforts to meet the needs of our government customers, our goal is to be at the forefront of the market in offering new security options,” said Luiz Wilson Teixeira da Silva, General Director of Thomas Greg. “LaserCard is world renowned as a leader in secure identity solutions in critical applications, and we are very pleased to be at this event together to demonstrate our joint capabilities in the fight against counterfeiting and forgery of vital documents.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with one of the global leaders in security printing and documentation,” said Bob DeVincenzi, president and CEO of LaserCard. “Our aim during Cards 2010 South America is to illustrate some of the ground-breaking solutions available to governments and organizations in this region as they upgrade the security and functionality of their official documentation. There is a growing worldwide trend for governments and enterprises to combine the most effective technologies in a new generation of secure credentials in order to meet today’s needs for enhanced security, strong tamper- and counterfeit-resistance, on-board storage, convenience, and service delivery.

“LaserCard’s unique ability to combine contact and contactless chips, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, and optical security media into a single multi-application ID card leverages the strengths of the individual technologies to deliver greater security, functionality and value,” continued DeVincenzi.

This new collaboration with Thomas Greg reflects LaserCard’s continuing drive to address the varied needs of the government ID market, with its leading edge applications and technologies. It also underscores LaserCard’s expanding activities in Latin America, which includes the supply of the foreign resident ID card management and issuance program for Costa Rica.

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LaserCard’s highly secure, advanced ID credentials are trusted by governments worldwide to protect the personal identification of their citizens, foreign residents and government employees, and to provide official documentation such as driver licenses and vehicle registration cards.

About Thomas Greg and Sons

Thomas Greg & Sons has spent more than four decades providing security products and services for banking, general industry, government and commerce. This leadership in the security printing and security documents has led the company to offer new and innovative products of the highest quality with modern techniques against forgery of documents used in financial and commercial systems. Thomas Greg & Sons offers international experience, advanced technology and highly trained personnel to design and produce documents with complete exclusivity and the highest quality standards. The company’s plants are certified with the international quality certificate ISO 9001.

About LaserCard Corporation

LaserCard Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of secure ID solutions to governments and commercial clients worldwide. It develops, manufactures, and integrates LaserCard® optical media cards, multi-technology cards, encoders, peripherals, smart and specialty cards, biometrics, and modular software. The Company’s cards and systems are used in various applications, including citizen identification, border security, government service delivery and facility access.

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