Oberthur Card Systems chosen as supplier by ABN AMRO for Identrus smart card-based solutions

Oberthur Card Systems chosen as supplier by ABN AMRO for Identrus smart card-based solutions

The Oberthur Card Systems’ solution will enable ABN AMRO’s corporate customers to conduct secure electronic transactions within the Identrus model.

Paris, 16th January 2002–Oberthur Card Systems, one of the leaders in the smart card industry, has been selected to provide ABN AMRO, the prominent international bank, with its Identrus™ smart card, reader and software solutions. These solutions will be installed at ABN AMRO corporate customer sites, and will enable them to perform secure transactions over the Internet through ABN AMRO and with other corporate customers of Identrus banks.

Commonly referred to in the marketplace as the “Identrus Black Box”, the Oberthur solution will enable ABN AMRO and its customers to identify one another, to ensure their communications are secure, and to create an indisputable record of their transactions. It is fully Identrus compliant and has been certified by Identrus. The Identrus organisation, of which ABN AMRO is one of the founding members, has created a model based on the most advanced public key infrastructure (PKI) for the financial community, whose aim is to facilitate secure e-business transactions over the Internet. The close relationship between Oberthur and ABN AMRO has enabled the Identrus model to offer new services to its clients.

“Given its security expertise, Oberthur Card Systems is a longstanding provider of Identrus solutions for financial institutions in America, Asia and Europe. This project is a perfect example of the value Oberthur is adding to its customers with a full Identrus compliant solution that meets the needs of ABN AMRO’s corporate customers,” said Didier Serodon, Head of Payment and Identification Marketing and Solutions for Oberthur Card Systems.

Technical aspects of Oberthur Card Systems’ Identrus solution

  • a Java Card™ security certified Common Criteria EAL4+
  • a PC/SC smart card reader
  • tailorable client software

About Oberthur Card Systems

Oberthur Card Systems, listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange (Code Euroclear 12413) since July 2000, is one of the world’s leading providers of card-based solutions, software and applications including SIM and multi-application smart cards and services ranging from consulting to personalisation.

Innovative products and high quality services ensure Oberthur’s strong positioning in its three main target markets.

  • Payment : 52% of revenues in 2001. the company is the world leader and number one supplier for Visa and MasterCard.
  • Mobile Communications : 31% of revenues in 2001, with open and interoperable solutions based on Java™ technology.
  • Authentication and Network Security : emerging markets in which the company plays a pioneering role, with strong expertise in security and a dominant position in e-commerce and Pay-TV.

Close to its customers, Oberthur Card Systems benefits from an industrial and commercial presence across all five continents.

Oberthur Card Systems is a subsidiary of Francois-Charles Oberthur Group.

Web site: http://www.oberthurcs.com

About Identrus

Identrus is the world’s first global trust services organisation. The Identrus Global ID assures the highest level of risk management for secure ebusiness transactions, backed by the Identrus system’s distributed, bank-hosted PKI structure and its global policy and legal framework, operating rules and technical requirements.

Businesses can form a single trust relationship with Identrus banks using Global ID digital credentials that are interoperable across multiple buyers and sellers in a supply chain. Identrus offers value added services such as dispute resolution and recourse mechanisms, and payment initiation services.

More than 50 of the world’s leading financial institutions spanning 133 countries currently are Identrus members.


ABN AMRO is one of the world’s largest banks with total assets of more than USD 620 billion and a presence in over 60 countries. Its activities are grouped into three strategic business units, Wholesale Clients, Consumer & Commercial Clients, and Private Clients & Asset Management. Global Transaction Services (GTS) is part of ABN AMRO’s Wholesale Clients division and offers clients a range of powerful global network banking services in the areas of liquidity management, global payables and receivables and trade finance services. Within Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce, ABN AMRO is involved in several initiatives that support the financial and commercial needs of companies. These include web access to existing services, strong infrastructure to support secure e-commerce transactions and a complete range of services for electronic marketplaces.


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