Philips Single Chip Reader IC Goes Multi-Standard

Philips Single Chip Reader IC Goes Multi-Standard

Versatile contactless single chip reader IC opera

Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) today introduces the CL RC632 IC–the world’s leading multi-standard single-chip reader IC for contactless smart cards and labels operating at 13.56 MHz. Designed to support the ISO contactless standards in this frequency range including ISO 14443 and ISO 15693, the CL RC 632 IC offers system integrators the flexibility to develop interoperable RFID systems for different high volume reader applications including public transport, road tolling, access control schemes and supply chain management.

Philips’ MIFARE© and I.CODE technologies are the industry benchmarks for the international standards ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 respectively. As such designers and OEMs can create interoperable contactless terminals based on a single hardware design that are capable of reading smart cards and labels complying with these standards and Philips well established product portfolios.

“The new multi-standard CL RC632 single-chip reader IC is a compact, cost effective reader design which opens up new horizons to an expanding range of high volume contactless reader applications,” said Sour Chhor, general manager of the identification reader business at Philips Semiconductors. “With well over one million reader ICs already installed worldwide, Philips anticipates large growth in the future for the emerging market of contactless reader infrastructures and are delighted to bring to market a flexible technology suitable for use in a broad range of applications.”

The new reader IC uses an outstanding modulation and demodulation concept. This technology can vary the amplitude of radio frequency signals enabling the recognition of different RFID-based smart cards, tags and labels operating in accordance with ISO 14443 and ISO 15693, e.g. Philips MIFARE© and I.CODE-based chips. The design of the new reader IC is also pin-to-pin compatible with Philips’ existing reader ICs including the MIFARE© smart card reader IC MFRC 500 and the I.CODE smart label reader IC SLRC 400.

With the introduction of the CL RC632, Philips further complements its popular MICORE contactless reader IC family, which includes the MF RC500, MF RC530, MF RC531 readers for contactless smart cards and the SL RC400 for smart labels. All products from this family integrate all digital and analog functionality on a single chip ensuring quick and easy design-in.