Plastic Card Specialist print-ID becomes new LEGIC® License Partner in Germany

Plastic Card Specialist print-ID becomes new LEGIC® License Partner in Germany

Zurich/Switzerland, Gießen/Germany–LEGIC Identsystems AG, leading manufacturer of contactless smart card technology for personal identification applications and print-ID, supplier of products and services in the field of plastic card printing, have concluded a new license partnership.

Two partners moving in the same direction: The fact that LEGIC and print-ID have teamed up is not a matter of chance. Both companies have very high hopes for their products. As a full-service supplier, print-ID not only offers Zebra, Datacard and Digital Identifikations card printers, it also equips selected card printers with LEGIC security modules. print-ID CEO Johannes Hess and Sven Rühl stake their claim succinctly “Apart from anything else, closeness to the customer, i.e. individual advice, tailor-made solutions and non-bureaucratic implementation mark us out from the bulk of our competitors”. For both entrepreneurs from Gießen in Hesse, the Licence Partnership with LEGIC is therefore a right step in the right direction: “The Agreement with LEGIC pairs us up with a partner who is a worldwide leader in contactless smart card technology” declare Hess and Rühl.

This is an advantage that they intend to pass straight on to their customers. Using the module in the print-ID card printer, LEGIC cards can not only be printed, they can simultaneously be encoded. print-ID supplies ready-encoded cards but also develops custom software which customers can use to encode their LEGIC cards themselves in their own company. In this way print-ID is equipping itself to meet future requirements: Through its partnership with LEGIC, print-ID is positioning itself as a specialist for both printing and encoding contactless smart cards using LEGIC technology. This is another important milestone for the card printing experts from Hesse.

The Gießen firm has always focused on meeting special orders – from one-off jobs to marketable short production runs. The company sees itself not only as a supplier of card printers and consumables but also as a developer of hardware and software on the premises. Why? “Because we always want to offer our customers the most efficient and most effective solutions – and this often includes bulk production” emphasises the print-ID CEO.

This reflects lofty ambitions for his company – one of the reasons why LEGIC opted for this medium-sized enterprise in Gießen. Stephen Neff, Vice President Sales & Business Development at LEGIC, is pleased with this new partnership: “print-ID has many years of experience of printing plastic cards. The firm is a leader in handling very short print runs and special jobs – a segment in which the customised possibilities of LEGIC contactless smart card technology are becoming increasingly important. We are convinced that this partnership is of equal benefit to both companies.” Hess and Rühl are also sure that this cooperation is advantageous in every respect. “We are proud to be a LEGIC Network partner” stress the print-ID CEO.