Event Proceedings : October 28, 2014 : Workshop

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) in Enterprise Physical Access Control Systems (EPACS) Workshop

2014 Government Conference

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance

Evolution of PACS to EPACS Using PIV Cards

Tony Damalas, Stanley Security

PIV in EPACS Requirements

Lars Suneborn, Smart Card Alliance

PIV- and FICAM-Enabled Authentication Mechanisms Used in PACS

Bob Dulude, HID Global

Implementing PIV in EPACS

Kevin Kozlowski, XTec

GSA Procurement Requirements

Jeff Nigriny, CertiPath; Chi Hickey, GSA; Vince Eckert, GSA

Trust Ecosystem

Steve Howard, CertiPath

EPACS Implementation Considerations and Best Practices

Colin Doniger, DHS