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EMV and Parking

Publication Date: May 2016

With the U.S. moving to EMV chip technology for more secure credit and debit card payments, parking industry stakeholders across the payments value chain recognize the need to learn about EMV to plan to migrate their infrastructure effectively. Now that the October 2015 EMV fraud liability shifts are in place, the Smart Card Alliance and the International Parking Institute (IPI) have published an updated white paper, “EMV and Parking,” to provide current information on the technology and refreshed scenarios covering the critical aspects of deploying EMV-compliant solutions within the parking infrastructure.

The transition to chip technology requires infrastructure changes. Parking industry stakeholders need to begin planning and preparation now to avoid complications and elevated fraud costs down the road.  This white paper has the unique perspective of both the Smart Card Alliance members, many of whom are experts in payments, and also IPI members who specialize in parking. This allows the white paper to provide the education and guidance parking stakeholders need to move forward with their chip technology implementations.

The white paper covers the critical aspects of deploying EMV-compliant solutions within the parking infrastructure, and discusses:

  • An overview of relevant EMV chip technology features and key implementation options
  • Key considerations for parking industry stakeholders who want to accept and process chip transactions for both attended and unattended locations
  • The relationship between EMV, contactless payment card transactions and NFC-enabled mobile payments

About the White Paper

The Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council developed this white paper in partnership with IPI to provide parking industry stakeholders with an educational resource about the critical aspects of deploying an EMV solution in the parking infrastructure.

Smart Card Alliance and IPI members participating in the development of the May 2016 white paper update included: 20/20 Parking Consultants; Aberdeen Management Group; CH2M; CPI Card Group; Cubic Transportation Systems; Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART); GO Systems & Solutions; Lumin Advisors; MasterCard; Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA); Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC); Moneris Solutions; Quadagno & Associates; Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA); Visa Inc.; Walker Parking Consultants.

About the Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council

The Transportation Council is focused on promoting the adoption of interoperable contactless smart card payment systems for transit and other transportation services.  The Council is engaged in projects that support applications of smart card use.  The overall goal of the Transportation Council is to help accelerate the deployment of standards-based smart card payment programs within the transportation industry.

The Transportation Council includes participants from across the smart card and transportation industry and is managed by a steering committee that includes a broad spectrum of industry leaders.

Transportation Council participation is open to any Smart Card Alliance member who wishes to contribute to the Council projects.

About the International Parking Institute

The International Parking Institute (IPI) is the world’s largest association of parking professionals and the parking industry.  Parking is integral to transportation flow, economic development, land use, law enforcement, architectural aesthetics and overall quality of life.  With the parking industry’s wide-ranging impact, IPI members include professionals from cities, port authorities, civic centers, academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, airports, corporate complexes, race tracks, transit and transportation agencies, retail, hospitality, entertainment and sports centers, architects, engineers, financial consultants and urban planners, as well as the suppliers of equipment, products and services to the parking and transportation industries.