Raak Technologies, Inc. and MARX Data Security GmbH Announce MARX as a Licensee of RaakSign, Raak’s Cryptographic Middleware

Raak Technologies, Inc. and MARX Data Security GmbH Announce MARX as a Licensee of RaakSign, Raak’s Cryptographic Middleware

MARX Affiliate, MARX CryptoTech LP Based in Atlanta, Georgia, also Licenses RaakSign

Austin, Texas, and Wackerstein Germany, December 19, 2006–Raak Technologies and MARX Data Security today announced that MARX Data Security has become a licensee of RaakSign, Raak’s cryptographic middleware. MARX’s affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia, MARX CryptoTech has also signed as a licensee.

MARX will use their recently released CrypToken with RaakSign to enforce 2-Factor authentication, requiring the end user to have both the CrypToken (something you have) and a PIN (something you know) to log on to a network or application. The CrypToken is physically and logically tamper resistant, ensuring that the end-user’s digital credentials are not copied, modified or shared.

The CrypToken is the smallest USB token on the market, and the only USB token with a metal case, providing security and durability. The new CrypToken offers the open and multi-application smart card operating system MULTOS, in addition to PKCS#11 and Microsoft CAPI. MULTOS is the only smart card operating system meeting the ITSEC E6-high standard and achieving EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) certification.

“The reason we chose to utilize RaakSign on our CrypToken was because RaakSign offered high versatility to support the rigorous security needs required by our customers and offered one of the most robust middleware solutions that includes high security and support for multiple applications”, Philipp Marx, President of MARX.

RaakSign enables the user to easily and securely store their digital certificates and keys on the CrypToken for use with any standards based application including:

  • Windows Login
  • VPN Authentication
  • Web Access
  • WLAN Security
  • Email Signing and Encryption
  • Digital Signatures

“We are very pleased to have added both MARX organizations to our family of RaakSign licensees” said Dan Cunningham, President & CEO of Raak. “The combination of RaakSign and the MARX CrypToken offers one of the most robust two factor authentication solutions in the market today” he added.

About Raak Technologies

Based in Austin, Texas, Raak Technologies, Inc. is a privately held firm that provides products and services that enable the deployment of strong authentication. Raak’s solution is built around RaakSign, a powerful and cost effective middleware solution for USB Tokens and smart cards. By implementing RaakSign an organization can securely store their digital certificates and keys on a USB Token or smart card for use with any standards based Digital Certificate capable application, including Windows Log On, VPN Authentication, Web Access, WLAN Security and E-mail Signing & Encryption. On the web at: http://www.raaktechnologies.com.

About MARX

MARX has provided the software industry with security products since 1985. First focusing on software security, MARX enhanced their strategy to include the incorporation of USB tokens nearly ten years ago. The company is based in Germany and also has offices in the US, Poland, Italy and Ukraine.

The MARX client base includes a wide variety of companies, including small businesses, medium businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

For more information about CrypToken M2048 and MARX Security Applications visit us on the web at: http://www.cryptoken.com.

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