SCM Microsystems becomes new LEGIC® partner

SCM Microsystems becomes new LEGIC® partner

Zurich, November 2009–LEGIC Identsystems AG, the leading manufacturer of contactless smart card technology, welcomes with SCM Microsystems an important new partner to the LEGIC partner network. For SCM Microsystems this cooperation will make it possible to integrate the contactless LEGIC technology into its own security solutions. Above all the focus is on the use of the LEGIC card-in-card solutions. This virtual transponder technology enables for example the easy combination of physical access control and logical IT access on one single smart card or USB token. The companies will be presenting the first LEGIC based solutions from 17 – 19 November at Cartes in Paris.

With the new @MAXX USB token product family, SCM Microsystems is setting new standards in the area of virtual transponder solutions from LEGIC. The system supplier sees particular business potential in the LEGIC card-in-card solutions which make it possible to integrate classic LEGIC functionalities into smart cards from third party suppliers as virtual transponders. When these smart cards are inserted into an SCM @MAXX USB token in SIM format, they transform this into a transponder which can be used in both contactless and contact applications. Through the integration of this technology, SCM Microsystems looks forward to a stronger convergence of physical and logical access solutions (“Converged Access”), in order to meet the increasing requirements of its customers. At the same time thanks to the multifunctionality of the LEGIC transponder, customers get access to the “World of LEGIC”, the variety of other contactless applications such as time & attendance, access control, cashless payment, public transport, and many more.

“Our customers place very high demands on our security solutions”, says Dr. Manfred Müller, EVP Strategic Sales & Business Development of SCM Microsystems. “The partnership with LEGIC will give us access to a state-of-the- art technology which is convincing in terms of security and flexibility. The use of the LEGIC card-in-card solutions gives us a decisive head start over our competitors.”

Dr. Otto Eggimann, Vice President Sales and Business Development of LEGIC, expects the partnership to lead to a further strengthening of converged solutions from the IT sector and personal identification: “Our card-in-card solutions make it possible to attach LEGIC functionalities to existing credentials as required. This opens up completely new markets and leads to new products which easily bring together the worlds of contact and contactless applications. SCM Microsystems is an important partner for us in the further development of this business sector.”

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About SCM Microsystems GmbH

SCM Microsystems is a world-leading supplier of security and identification solutions for secure access, secure identification and the secure exchange of information. Together with its subsidiary Hirsch Electronics, SCM offers integrated solutions for the security of digital content, electronic transactions and equipment. The company offers the most extensive range of contact, contactless and mobile chip card readers, via physical and logical access control systems, digital identity platforms and biometric solutions. The highly developed solutions enable a large variety of applications, and are used for example for secure access to PCs/networks and equipment, in identity management applications, contactless payment, the transfer of digital contents and also in E-health and E-ID applications.

The headquarters of the group’s parent company SCM Microsystems, Inc. is in Santa Ana, California. The worldwide head office is located in Ismaning near Munich. SCM Microsystems maintains research, development and support centres in Germany, India and Japan.

Shares in SCM have been traded since October 1997 in the USA and Germany. SCM has been listed since 2003 on the Prime Standard of the Deutsche Börse AG (abbreviation SMY, ISIN US 7840181033, WKN 909247). The company’s stock market abbreviation on the US computer exchange NASDAQ is: SCMM. Further information is available at: and

About LEGIC® Identsystems Ltd

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, with headquarters in Switzerland, is the world leader in the design and manufacture of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. The LEGIC product portfolio includes highly integrated LEGIC RF Standard, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant read/write chip sets, security modules and transponder chips.

LEGIC Identsystems currently works with over 200 external co-operation partners world-wide who offer compatible LEGIC all-in-one-card applications including access control, e-payment, parking, e-ticketing and other multiapplications. More than 2 million readers and over 100 million credentials are successfully integrated in more than 60,000 work and leisure places worldwide.