SCM Microsystems Breaks New Ground With New CHIPDRIVE Contactless Time Recording Solution

SCM Microsystems Breaks New Ground With New CHIPDRIVE Contactless Time Recording Solution

ISMANING, Germany, July 1, 2008–SCM Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCMM, Prime Standard: SMY), a leading provider of solutions that open the Digital World, now offers a contactless version of its popular CHIPDRIVE® time recording solution for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go allows employees to clock-in, clock-out and record time spent on specific projects with a mere touch of the CHIPDRIVE user chip token to the time recording terminal–eliminating the need to carry and swipe time cards. The small user chip tokens can also be used as key fobs, making them easy to carry. Data from the user chip tokens is transferred to the network-connected Touch & Go terminal (CD0920 DI) via contactless MIFARE® technology, which offers high quality and fast data transfer. The terminal transfers all employee time data directly to the server. The entire operation takes just milliseconds.

The CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go terminal incorporates a dual interface that accommodates both use chip tokens and smart cards. The new system therefore can be used on its own to create a completely contactless environment or in combination with another CHIPDRIVE networked or mobile time recording solution that utilizes smart cards.

The contactless interface of the CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go terminal eliminates issues from dirt or environmental factors and makes the system especially suited for garages, factories and other work settings with dust, oil or high humidity. A clean and contemporary design also makes the Touch & Go terminal an excellent fit within office or agency environments.

As with all CHIPDRIVE Time Recording systems, Touch & Go enables SMEs to record and review the current working hours of their employees. Data such as project times, holidays, work absences and exceptions can be quickly and easily analyzed and is available right when needed. Work projects can be defined and recorded, allowing additional differentiation and evaluation of project working times. The new Touch & Go dual-interface terminal includes a simple and intuitive menu and a graphical display that shows the date and time, current clocking data as well as the time balance of the employee. Individual project numbers can be set using the key pad. New features in Touch & Go also make it possible to display actual and planned vacation days directly on the terminal at log in.

CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go contains everything required to immediately begin recording working times for up to 25 employees–a stationary wall mount terminal (CDO920 DI) to clock employees in and out; a dual interface smart card reader to define projects, time parameters and personal data for each user chip token; CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Software; and user chip tokens. As all components can be purchased individually and no additional licensing costs are incurred, CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go can be customized to address the requirements of specific environments. The system also can be extended for up to several hundred employees.

Originally sold only in Germany, CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go is now also available in the United States, France, Spain and the UK in the respective languages. More information about CHIPDRIVE distributors and retailers can be found at


Through its CHIPDRIVE product line, SCM Microsystems offers affordable, customized solutions for security, authentication, home banking and e-commerce to small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. CHIPDRIVE secure card readers are based on industry standards and are ideal for providing user authentication and home banking. Smart card-based software solutions for applications such as network logon, encryption and time recording round off the range of CHIPDRIVE products. CHIPDRIVE stands for compatibility with industrial standards, easy handling and highest possible security. For more information, please visit

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