SCM Microsystems introduces popular CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording solutions to the U.S. market

SCM Microsystems introduces popular CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording solutions to the U.S. market

Flexible Solutions Ideal for Organizations with Mobile Employees, Multiple Locations

FREMONT, California and ISMANING, Germany, July 9, 2009 – SCM Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCMM, Prime Standard: SMY), a leading provider of solutions that open the Digital World, today announced that its popular CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording solutions for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are now available in the United States. CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Mobile, CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Network, and CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go are immediately available through leading technology distributor D&H Distributing (

CHIPDRIVE smart card-based time recording systems enable SMEs to quickly and easily record and review the current working hours of their employees. The solutions are flexible and portable and can be used independently of networks or power. This makes CHIPDRIVE Time Recording solutions ideal for organizations with multiple locations and/or employees that work outside of the office or on a job site, such as sales, service representatives or laborers. Unlike mechanical employee time clocks that require manual transfer of data, SCM’s CHIPDRIVE solutions directly transfer all data–such as hours worked, project times, holidays, work absences and exceptions–from the time recording device to the software, so it can be reviewed, analyzed and exported into various payroll software systems. Diverse work projects can be defined and recorded, allowing additional differentiation and evaluation of project working times.

CHIPDRIVE systems include everything SMEs need to securely set up and manage portable time recording of employees and projects–time recording devices to clock employees in and out; smart card readers / dual interface readers to define projects, time parameters and personal data for each user card or token; CHIPDRIVE Time Recording software; and user smart cards or chip-based tokens. Starter kits provide the components to begin recording working times for up to 25 employees immediately and can be extended for up to several hundred employees. Mobile, networked and dual interface time recording devices are available.

CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Mobile

Smart cards are assigned to employees and used like time cards. A small, mobile smart card reader serves as a time clock and temporarily stores the data. Data is then downloaded to the CHIPDRIVE software, where all working hours can be viewed and managed.

CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Network

Employees receive smart cards that are used as time cards and can be personalized for each employee. The CHIPDRIVE terminal serves as a time clock and connects with the local area network to transfer all clocking data directly to the server. Organizations can record and review the current working hours of their employees in real time.

CHIPDRIVE Time Recording Touch & Go

Employees record time with a touch of the CHIPDRIVE user chip token to the time recording terminal–eliminating the need to carry and swipe time cards. The “Touch & Go” functionality is ideal for harsh working environments (e.g. dirty, humid, rough environments), since the tokens never wear out and are read without needing to be swiped or inserted into the terminal. The small user chip tokens can also be used as key fobs, making them easy to carry. Data from the user chip tokens is transferred to the network-connected Touch & Go terminal via contactless technology, which offers high quality and fast data transfer. The terminal transfers all employee time data directly to the server. The entire operation takes just milliseconds.

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SCM Microsystems’ CHIPDRIVE-branded packages for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals offer affordable, customizable solutions for security, identification, home banking and eCommerce, as well as smart card-based time recording and business productivity systems. CHIPDRIVE solutions consist of smart cards used for the authentication of individuals; card readers/terminals for both fixed and mobile, contact and contactless environments; and software to enable productivity applications such as network logon, authentication and password management. CHIPDRIVE Time Recording solutions allow easy and fast recording of working hours of employees.

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