Security across the Group: Endress+Hauser transnationally relies on time & attendance and access control from PCS Systemtechnik and LEGIC

Security across the Group: Endress+Hauser transnationally relies on time & attendance and access control from PCS Systemtechnik and LEGIC

The Endress+Hauser Group’s new Swiss corporate headquarters are located in Reinach near Basel. The “Sternenhof” Centre accommodates four divisions of the Group. A total of 400 staff are employed at the Centre.

Zurich, March 2009 – When it chose a time & attendance and access solution, Endress+Hauser opted for the DEXICON Enterprise System with appropriate INTUS hardware from PCS. This combination has proven itself since 2003 at 15 Endress+Hauser Group sites in Germany and in various countries where 75 time recording terminals are currently in use for more than 5,000 employees and where over 400 doors are secured. “The system from PCS was integrated as an up-to-date and future-proof strategic solution and there are plans to expand it further over the next few years”, confirms Claus Conrad, Overall Project Manager at Endress+Hauser InfoServe, the Endress+Hauser Group’s IT service provider.

Endress+Hauser InfoServe, together with PCS, implemented a special solution for the “Sternenhof” which also houses the firm Endress+Hauser Consult–the Group’s corporate management board. At the same time as installing DEXICON Enterprise in Weil am Rhein, an equivalent system, also with a current capacity of 5,000 master records, was set up in Switzerland. Both systems are connected to a central data centre in Weil am Rhein and are provided with identical employee master data from mySAP ERP 2004. The requisite resilience thus obtained is an important security criterion in the case of a Group such as Endress+Hauser which operates worldwide. In addition, information on current door statuses is forwarded directly to the building management system.

The top-of-the-range INTUS 3450 product is used for time & attendance, as at all Endress+Hauser Group sites that are already connected. Thanks to a matrix touchscreen user interface, terminals can be adapted using a company-specific master key to suit the design and the desired functions of the company without having to resort to various different terminal models.

Twenty one INTUS ACM8 access control managers with more than 100 connected access readers and the Endress+Hauser Group’s first offline integration using NetworkOnCard with INTUS PegaSys ensure well controlled access and door monitoring in the “Sternenhof”. INTUS 400 type readers with a customised Endress+Hauser design and a real-glass frame were supplied for the interior in order to meet Group management’s ambitious aspirations.

Endress+Hauser uses contactless LEGIC read mode for its ID technology. Information for time & attendance and online access control as well as another segment for offline access control and various canteen and cash segments are managed on the intricately designed and personalised credential.

Not only that, every country has its own company or country code on the credential to further enhance security throughout the entire company. Access by persons visiting from other countries is nevertheless possible based on variable company code checking. Endress+Hauser InfoServe handles credential production, coding and personalisation for the entire Group. In order to carry out this work, a top quality, high performance ID personalisation system, comprising software and a ReTransfer printer (including coding station), is available to the system administrator.