Security and comfort for high-ranking decision makers at the St. Gallen symposium

Security and comfort for high-ranking decision makers at the St. Gallen symposium

Zurich, Switzerland, June 4, 2009 – Top-level decision makers from economic, scientific and political spheres came together for the 39th St. Gallen symposium to discuss current economic topics over three days. Besides the World Economic Forum in Davos, this symposium represents one of the most important international economic events with participants from over 70 countries. Identification technology from LEGIC Identsystems Ltd was responsible for security within the grounds of the University St. Gallen as well as for the smooth administration of participants. Together with its partners, the company ensured the high security and efficient administration of the event. The high-ranking participants in the symposium enjoyed high comfort and perfect organisation.

LEGIC multi-application technology allowed different applications to be combined on a single card and enabled the participants to move around the university grounds easily and safely. After identification and registration at the entrance, visitors could use their identification badge at the administration terminals to sign up for the lectures and workshops at the symposium themselves. Waiting times were avoided thanks to the fully automated processes. The staff could therefore devote themselves entirely to looking after guests. In addition, as the organiser, the International Students’ Committee benefited from a better overview of the participants in the lecture programme as a whole. The cards were unanimously judged to be easy and intuitive to use.

“Opportunities for further use of the cards, e.g. as keys for electronic lockers or a medium for social networking functions among the participants, are currently under consideration,” says Arjun Muralidharan, IT strategy director for the St. Gallen symposium.

Progressive technology for a top international event

With their decision to choose LEGIC, the International Students’ Committee from the University St. Gallen also attested to the event’s overall high level of quality from a technological perspective. The St. Gallen symposium sees itself as a leading contributor to key issues in management, the entrepreneurial environment and the interfaces between economics, politics and civil society. For almost 40 years, the symposium has been conceived, planned and organised by the International Students’ Committee (ISC) and has established itself as an internationally renowned event in economic, political and social circles.

About LEGIC® Identsystems Ltd

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, with headquarters in Switzerland, is the world leader in the design and manufacture of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology. The LEGIC product portfolio includes highly integrated LEGIC RF Standard, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant read/write chip sets, security modules and transponder chips.

LEGIC Identsystems currently works with over 200 external co-operation partners world-wide who offer compatible LEGIC all-in-one-card applications including access control, e-payment, parking, e-ticketing and other multiapplications. More than 1 million readers and over 70 million credentials are successfully integrated in more than 50,000 work and leisure places worldwide.